Shopping Cart: Online shopping is at its peak. Every day millions of transactions are recorded for online shopping. People are nowadays addicted to online shopping. All the e-commerce websites are trying their level best to grow. But there are many problems being faced by them. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problem faced by them. E-commerce sites have found chatbots as the solution to this problem.

While running an online store you want all your cart items to make its way to checkout. It is not necessary that all carts convert to checkouts. A survey shows that almost two-thirds of the items in the cart are abandoned. Here today we will talk about a few of the ways to reduce cart abandonment using chatbots.

Organize your Website - Shopping Cart

reduce shopping cart abandonment with a chatbot
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The major task of an e-commerce business is to manage and make the site very attractive. The fewer roadblocks and information gaps on your site the better are the chances that they don't leave your site midway. The major task is to organize your website in a way that makes sense to your potential consumer. A chatbot can help in this task. Chatbots make it easy to use a website. A chatbot can scan an entire content of your website, starting from product detail to privacy policy and can retrieve information that the user needs. All you need is to ask this information in their own word.

Eliminate Surprises

Many times shoppers abandon carts because they come across a piece of new information about the product just when they are about to buy it. This might happen because of many reasons. You might not have provided proper information regarding products or maybe shipping cost and return and privacy policy is not clear. Building chatbots allow e-commerce sites to eliminate these unwanted surprises. Most of the chatbots have detailed information about the product. A chatbot also has an up-to-date script that allow them to retrieve information regarding cost, shipping, delivery, and privacy policy. Thus, by keeping your user informed at every stage about buying a product through chatbots you reduce cart abandonment.

Using A Real Person Behind Chatbots

The major reason a chatbot is successful is because of its dynamic nature. The best kind of chatbot for e-commerce sites takes things up a notch by having a real person behind them. With human monitoring, all the chats, your AI chatbot will have a human touch. At the same time, a visitor will be assured that there is someone actually reading the chats. This will encourage them to submit their contact details knowing that the person reading these chats will call them back. This will certainly increase trust for your site and reduce cart abandonment.

Making The Customer The Center Of Conversation

It is very easy for someone to lose interest if the conversation isn’t about them. So make sure that you build a chatbot and script it in such a way that it focuses on what a visitor is looking for instead of what you are willing to show them. The best kinds of chatbots use AI and natural language processing to echo their visitor's language, to incorporate the words they use in their response. This keeps your shopper feel heard and understood and increases the trust and interest for your site.

Give the Customer What They Want.

Interacting with a Chabot is more interesting than navigating a site on our own. Most of the online shoppers are expecting to see chatbots on the sites they shop. I prefer to get information from chatbots within seconds rather than to navigate the whole site to get some simple information. So new age shoppers are willing to interact with chatbots. So create a chatbot for your site to give your consumer a familiar shopping environment, where they can ask a friendly AI bot for product information without spending hours on research for a product or wait for customer support. The major idea is to give what a shopper wants rather than to give what you want to give.

Chatbots are the actual tool to reduce cart abandonment. if your site is with a well-scripted chatbot which is user-friendly it is definite that a product will convert to checkout from cart. The above points explain how cart abandonment can be reduced using chatbots. Thus, after reading this article it is sure that the best way to reduce cart abandonment is to use well-scripted chatbots on a business website.