Secure Messaging App: In the era of extensive security threats, security has become vital, especially in the mobile app market. Even you may hear many cases where data breaching or account hacking has occurred due to development flaws. That’s where secure encrypted messaging apps like Signal come into play.  Developed on the pre-existing RedPhone and TextSecure app models, Signal is the most secure encrypted messaging app in the market today. The Signal messenger application is a great example of how to make communication secure and safe. Wondering how to develop a secure messaging application like Signal? Read on this post. Before taking a deeper dive into the ocean of the security and encryption standards, let’s first understand the Signal app.

Secure Messaging App - What is a Signal app?

Developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC, the Signal app is a cross-platform mobile application. This application enables individual and group voice and video calls. The most secure and encrypted app that every application developer keeps this module as the base is known as the most secure and encrypted app. This app protects the communication and ensures that no MITM (man-in-the-middle) hacking happens. Simultaneously, its source code is available at Github, accessible by anyone for anytime security checks. 

Why messaging app like Signal is so much popular?

The Signal app offers a high-end security feature. So, many users who want to keep their data security prefer development based on the Signal app. This app offers many features that left users spell-bound. If you are still unsure about secure messenger like the Signal app, here are some convincing reasons. 

Reason #1 - 24x7 Security

As its name implies, 24x7 scalable security is one of the main reasons for choosing a secure messenger app like Signal. With the secure app development process, you will get end-to-end encryption. It means your chats and other things will be kept in safe areas, and all your rights will be protected. So, it is essential to add an extra layer of security to the development when building a secure messenger app. 

Reason #2 - Innovative technology

The mobile development market has seen immense reach to security; hence, advancements are like the new normal. Each day, hundreds and thousands of apps are developed with robust security features where encryption remains lowest to the highest standards. The best part is you don’t need to think about cyber crimes as its code is open source. 

Reason #3 - Excellent User-Interface

Not only high-security standards, but this app also has a rich User Interface that makes it popular among developers. UI is the basic requirement that turns a user returning and sometimes a medium of conversions. A great User Interface also attracts the targeted audience, resulting in your business's expected outcomes. 

Reason# 4 - Cost-effective

Looking for advancements in technology? If so, encryptions to applications are being offered in budgetary modes. For that, you don’t need to spend more money on deployments of security. Cost is what makes the secure messenger app more promising these days. In addition, the signal app development cost is both beneficial and competitive that makes it more reliable. 

Reason# 5 - Increase Productivity

Another great reason that companies use an app like signal development is an increment in Productivity and Workflow. An additional layer always works as instant messages with confidential data are being shared with complete trust. It improves the workflows and productivity around mobile app development. Your chats will be decoded directly on friends’ servers that encrypt the messages and data remains as confidential as possible. So, you don’t need to rush to the devices, draft an email and send files. 

Secure messenger app development: Must-have features for messaging app like Signal

#1 - Register via contact details

Convenience is what everyone wants, especially when it comes to handling a mobile app. Signal offers a magnificent interface that allows users to log in with Contact details. It means you don’t need to remember the passwords or log-in IDs. Just need to submit the code you will get into your phone number; here you go!

#2 - Message Disappearing

Don’t want anybody to glance into your private life? Disappear Message functionality is the best way! It allows you to put a timer of 5 seconds to 1 week of your seen messages to disappear. In addition, taking snapshots is also limited in this mobile app. 

#3 - Audio & Video Calls

Many business enterprises mark the Signal app as the most authentic way of sharing confidential data over voice and video calls. So, this mobile application comes with the priority of developing a secure instant messaging app. 

#4 - Private Encryption to Chats

As its name implies, this feature offers private encrypted chats with loved ones. The app’s server has no access to any group metadata, consisting of icons, titles, and membership lists. 

#5 - Security & Encryption

Deployment of security and encryption is not as easy as it sounds because it requires dedicated development efforts. But, if you have another secure chat app’s API like Telegram, you are all set to go further. With this, you don’t need to develop a back-end and a database, reduce time and save money.  As you can see, secure messengers are highly popular among app developers and businesses. By mentioning the features mentioned above, you can build encrypted messaging applications. But, if you are still unsure about a secure instant messaging app like Signal, you need to get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company.

How can Yugasa help in a secure messaging app like Signal development?

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