A website is the face of an organization today. It is very important to have a fully functional and user-friendly website irrespective of the type of business you do today. Most of the companies today have already recognized the importance of a website for their business and have gone ahead and got customized websites for the same. Now, it is time to ensure that these websites are secure to be sure that all the data that is stored in the website is not left to be found by hackers. Even though it is practically impossible to make a list of all the possible ways of securing a website following a few of the below methods helps a developer secure the website built using WordPress:

Backup first:

Even before we talk about making any changes in the website to secure the same, it is very much essential to guard the data that is already there on the website. The data might be about various things such as the information about your clients, your product or service offerings, designs of various products, etc. It is very important to back up this data so that in case of any unseen breach of the website, you don’t end up losing all the data. Hence make sure you have a backup of the data from your website at all times. You can schedule backups once a day or once a week, depending on the volume of the data.

The inevitable devil from WordPress

All of us love WordPress no doubt. But the fact that the WordPress displays the version which you are using for your website by default many a times becomes a high risk as it allows hackers who are most of the times experts in WordPress to learn about the version of WordPress used for your website and thereby use the respective tools to hack the same. However, it is possible to remove the display of the WordPress version from being displayed on your site. Be sure to have spoken to your developer about the same.

A new administrator account:

Once you have your new admin account you can enable the lockdown function for multiple unsuccessful login attempts by using the plugins available to be integrated with WordPress. This reduces the risk of unknown hackers forcing the system to give them access to the website. And when such an attempt is made you get a notification on your registered credentials.

The two factor authentication is a must:

In today’s world of competitiveness, you never know who is trying to take advantage of you and with what resources they are coming to war with you. Hence it is a must to ensure that you enable all the basic security functions that are available within WordPress itself. One such feature is the double factor authentication which enables you to get notifications to your registered credentials whenever a login attempt is made.

Summing it up:

A developer with the taste for security will ensure that all key features of security are followed while building a website. Thus, while deciding the developer for your website ensure that all the above mentioned features are discussed in depth to understand the knowledge of the developer and his view about security for your website. You can reach us at contact@yugasa.com for discussing your project with us. We shall be more than happy to assist you in your product development.