Snakepedia app launched: Apps are an important part of our life, from conveying food to discovering word implications we do everything with the snap of our finger. 

While Wikipedia saved you during school days to assist with schoolwork, the Snakepedia app launched will help you save lives! 

The versatile application, created in Kerala, is a complete data set of data with respect to snake bites and care for individuals who may have been bitten.

A group of specialists, researchers, and nature lovers added to the application's commencement. 

The free application won't just assist specialists yet additionally, public on the most proficient method to treat a snake bite. 

As of now, the application is android-based. There is interactive media help to assist an individual with exploring the ID cycle like pictures, infographics, and digital broadcasts and investigations its medical aid, therapy, legends. 

While the logical viewpoints are adequately valuable, the application additionally involves famous notions encompassing snakes in its information base. 

"We have a propensity for carrying snakes to the emergency clinic alongside the chomped quiet. Regardless of whether it isn't essential, if snakes are distinguished, the treatment will be better," said Sandeep Das from the Zoological Society of London. As per the news office ANI, Naveenalal Payyeri, one of the engineers, said that the application is made to give a "helpful route for the overall population to distinguish snakes." 

The engineers have recognized 3,600 types of snakes around the world. India has around 300 particular types of this parcel.

On the off chance that there was a framework where local people or specialists could promptly distinguish what creature chomped the individual.

It would save a great deal of time on experimentation and save various lives. Kerala has an enormous snake populace with around 100 unique species. 

The "snake index" has been made with the assistance of photos taken by in excess of 130 volunteers from and outside the state.

From untamed life picture takers to logical analysts, everybody with the information on shooting these creatures took an interest. 

The application works generally in disconnected mode. The photograph display can be gotten to with or without the web association. Nonetheless, digital recording and online ID helpline are online highlights.