Spotify only you feature: Spotify stays quite possibly the most famous music streaming service on the planet. The organization is presently delivering a customized playlist generation tool called Only You. The feature looks like the yearly Wrapped playlists.  Also, Spotify is trying another feature, Blend that permits companions to combine melodic preferences into a solitary playlist that auto-refreshes every day.  Spotify has 365 million clients and a library of 70 million tracks and 2.6 million webcast titles. Notwithstanding, finding new craftsmen on Spotify, as a rule, involves utilizing playlists that the stage makes and suggests dependent on the schedule of the day, mindset, movement, and different variables.  On June 2, it dispatched the Spotify only you feature. The month-long worldwide mission creates different playlists customized to every client.  Just You incorporates highlights named "Your Dream Dinner Party," "Your Artist Pairs," and a "Your Audio Birth Chart" that is made out of a Sun Sign, a Moon Sign, and a Rising Sign.  The Sun Sign subtleties your most-heard craftsman during the most recent half year, the Moon Sign exhibits a craftsman that shows your enthusiastic side. Your Rising Sign addresses a craftsman you found as of late.  Your Artist Pairs exhibits a music decision that is particularly yours  With the component named "Your Dream Dinner Party," you will pick three specialists and Spotify Mix will make customized playlists for every craftsman that you can tune in to.  "Your Artist Pairs" is another element that permits you to exhibit your scope of listening interests by making a banner of two specialists that extraordinarily address your desire for music.  spotify only you feature highlight is only accessible for the period of June, yet the playlists made will stay in the audience's libraries under the Only You center point, the streaming monster explained.  In the interim, Spotify is additionally reporting a beta element called Blend for nothing level and Premium clients on iOS and Android. It permits two companions to grow a common playlist dependent on their special preferences.  To make another Blend with a companion, tap Create Blend in the Made for You center on versatile. At that point, tap Invite to choose a companion who will get the single-use greeting (every companion gets an extraordinary welcome).  When the Blend playlist is up, one can distinguish what every companion has meant for a track decision by checking the profile symbols next to the track.