Super App Tata: In a report, it is mentioned that the Tata Sons have raised around 2.5 dollars for digital business. They are working on a launch of a super application. The Tata group of companies might raise funds from a share of equity private firms and then looking towards to find strategic investors after scaling up the business idea. Before this Tata Digital Ltd, a full company owned by Tata sons has declared that they will be investing 75 million dollars (nearly 550 crore Rupees) in the fitness-based Curefit Healthcare app for an undisclosed stake. The founder and the CEO of Curefit, Mukesh Bansal is going to join Tata Digital as an executive and playing as a president in an official statement which also states that he also will be continuing his leadership role at Curefit. The company mentioned that Tata digital is investing in Curefit and along with that they are all set to acquire the majority of stake in IMG Technologies Ltd which is an online healthcare marketplace where people can find medicines, medical aid, doctors' assistance, etc as a one-stop for all medical help. The company has till now never disclosed the financial details to the world of the transactions. Tata industries have bought 65% stakes of online e-commerce store which deliver groceries and the company is known as a big basket. Tata Digital has planned to offer financial services including credit, mutual funds, and insurance in the upcoming Super App Tata through Neobank. The super app will offer so many facilities at one stop and the facilities include electronics, fashion, lifestyle, groceries, beauty, travel, health, education, entertainment, and fitness. The Tata group is now looking towards acquiring health and fitness application Curefit as soon as possible and along with this, the company is looking towards acquiring e-grocery app BigBasket and a pharmacy app 1MG. Super App Tata,The above details are stated by the chairman of Tata group N Chandrasekaran. He also stated that the super app is going to be an open architecture and will have a payment engine, financial products, loyalty program, and so many other categories. To give a strong competition to new developing competitors. Read More: CAN FACEBOOK NEW LIVE AUDIO ROOM IS GOING TO GIVE A TOUGH FIGHT TO CLUBHOUSE