IoT and AI: Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence have brought a lot of unimaginable changes and upgrades into the technological sector in the past decade. This article talks about 10 industries which will have an impact due to IoT and artificial intelligence

Healthcare - IoT and AI

ten industries will impact iot ai
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Healthcare is one such  industry which has been waiting for a drastic break through to turn around things. IoT and AI can certainly be considered the two most powerful tools to bring about this change. IoT and AI can help in making things automatic in the healthcare industry. For example, the process of billing, maintaining patient’s health records, allowing patients to place an order to Smart Dispensers, reminding patients of their medicines intake time etc.


The main aspect of marketing is to ensure that the product or the service under offering is reached to maximum number of people possible at the shortest time. Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence can make this easier by ensuring the ads that go up on various platforms personalized by the data collected using AI and IoT. These tools can also help advertisers to invest in an informed manner by spending money only on those platforms and timings when the maximum viewers can watch their brand.

IoT and AI - Life Style

Startups across the world are creating smarter fashion accessories. A jacket which may look adorable on one’s body may tell him the path towards a destination by tapping on his shoulders OR Eyeglasses which may be just a fashion statement for many would be wonderful if wearing them let users see the testimonials of the shops around him when he is in a market for shopping. Life Style will change considerably with invent of smarter objects, wearables. Put of Artificial Intelligence will soon make lives easier for the human race. Google Home and Alexa have already started impacting the lifestyles of many.


This is one of those sectors which awaits the implementation of AI and IoT so that life of humans becomes much more easier. AI and IoT can be used to build autonomous and unmanned vehicles in the future that can drive on their own safety without any harm to the human inside. Google is already working to build such vehicles.


AI and IoT have helped identify fake and troublesome credit and debit cards that are used to make frauds online. This helps reduces the number of hacks that happen online where people keep losing their money. It can help to build a very secure network for Financial transactions.


The economic backbone of many countries, farming can also be widely affected with the improvements in the AI and IoT fields. It helps in personalizing the monitoring and controlling the growth of many plants and animals to ensure maximum efficiency and wonderful results. For example, using drones to monitor and spray pesticides will ensure the work is done quickly and can be done without causing any harm to the Human.


This is one sector that continuously looks at keeping its clients satisfied. With the entry of AI and IoT actions like bookings, travelling, dineout etc can be improved to a great extent to keep the client happy. We could enable face recognition for check-ins for examples. Also we can control the temperature and lightings of rooms according to the mood of the client using AI and IoT.


The realty sector can also be turned over with the use of AI and IoT. With AI people can be offered customized homes as per their tastes that are recorded using AI. Also the security of the buildings can be increased using IoT. This ensures that a buyer can be totally in sync with the seller before he buys the property. Also, it helps people save energy by using many energy saving techniques in the buildings.


retail industry will be the hardest hit industry of all. People shopping from the physical store will rapidly decrease with ease of shopping with augmented reality and virtual viewing coming into the picture. People will be able to try out whatever they want to buy without having to visit anywhere away from their homes.


Manufacturing industry will also see a turn around with the increased use of AI and IoT. All repetitive jobs can be automated with IoT. The AI will help in understanding the human behavior during the various manufacturing process to ensure the errors are reduced, thus increasing the production rate.

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