Best Frameworks in 2020: Many people face the difficulty of choosing the language, framework, or tools to learn first when they began their career as a developer or a software engineer.

The answer wouldn’t be as straight forward as you’d expect but we try our best to make this decision easier and reliable. We’re going to consider some surveys first by Stackoverflow. 

This image presents all the popular frameworks in the market. We’ll be discussing React, Angular, and Vue. React was released by Facebook in the year 2013. It is significantly important for creating SPA, developing small enterprise applications.

Best Frameworks in 2020 React also holds first place in all ratings for the 3rd consecutive year in the state of JavaScript. It has the ability to use native development, it also has support from Facebook, a saturated ecosystem, better performance, and reusable components. React is also SEO friendly. 

About Angular, it was established by google on 20th October 2010. It was a front-end of the MEAN stack. It is used by popular companies like the guardian, Upwork, PayPal, and Sony.

It is very important for developers who wanna develop large scale applications with a scalable architecture, if a developer prefers typescript and for creation of a realtime application.

It’s major features are 2-way data binding, dependency injection, MVC architecture, angular CLI, directives also supports typescript.


Vue was a framework created by Evan You on 13th December 2019. It is a very flexible framework which is also a curse as it can be too flexible for a team of a large number of developers.

It is very tiny in framework size, also does detailed documentation. Other features include reactivity, reusability, and typescript support. It is used by the grammar check provider Grammarly. Vue has a high demand in the Asian market.  It also has a very easy learning curve.