The Future of AI: Probably, you are aware of Artificial intelligence and even interact with this technology daily. Many people still think that AI is a science fiction story, but it is becoming more commonplace in our daily lives. Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, and personalized social media feeds are some common AI examples. In business, artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications and usages. From boring to exciting, AI is already disrupting virtually every business process in every industry. As AI technologies increase rapidly, they are becoming essential for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge. The advancement of technology and the growing impact of AI in business are entertaining the industries differently.  Artificial Intelligence automates time-consuming attempts, allows employees to focus on significantly productive tasks and business analysis. As the role of AI in business is seemingly progressing, businesses’ different nature has gained many advantages by employing AI technology. Let’s first start with an AI introduction. 

The Future of AI: What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-resolving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. The Future of AI technology is expected to grow vastly by the forthcoming years and gradually become the next big thing in the corporate world. Improved customer service, maximized sales opportunities and reduced human errors are common reasons why AI is gaining popularity among business owners of every sector. Here are some examples of AI-based applications. 

#1 - Cortana 

Microsoft’s virtual assistant answers questions, sets reminders, handles tasks, and manages the calendar. 

#2 - Google Assistant

It is an AI-driven virtual assistant developed by Google, primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. 

#3 - Wysa - The Future of AI

Wysa is an AI-powered chatbot and virtual assistant agent that helps improve mental health. 

#4 - Hound

An AI-powered voice assistant that can help users with information through a natural voice.

#5 - FaceApp

FaceApp is a photo and video editing app for Android and iOS that helps convert a real photo into an attractive one.

Some interesting AI facts 2021

  • Fortune Business Insights reports that the AI market is expected to reach $266.92 billion by 2027. 
  • The O'Reilly site claims that around 48% of employees handle data quality problems with AI-powered data analysis tools.
  • According to the report of McKinsey & Company, around 79% of respondents agree that adopting AI in marketing and sales has improved their business revenue.
  • The Accenture study reveals that 84% of business employees believe that artificial intelligence implementation helps them achieve their business’s growth aims. 
With so much consideration for artificial intelligence incorporation for businesses, let’s examine how AI software can refine individual industry behaviors by revealing their benefits. 

Top 5 ways artificial intelligence can help in business transform - The Future of AI

Here are the top five ways artificial intelligence helps make more revenue and can be used to transform business processes for the better. 

#1 - Increasing business operation

Revealing the main role of artificial intelligence in business is equally demanding as running a smooth business is. After all, both require constant encouragement and brainstorming. When taking the enterprise to newer heights, new-age technology implementation plays a vital role. Although many technologies are benefiting the industries, AI is driving the business world with powered solutions. AI is leading businesses to the biggest transformations, from helping businesses identify new opportunities to develop augmented products. 

#2 - Reducing human error - The Future of AI

After researching the various concepts of AI and associated software that can replicate human intelligence, developers realize that these technologies effectively minimize human error. AI-integrated tools that function on a specific algorithm emerges as a game-changer. It gathers how reliably the tools help in automating tasks and decrease the possibility of errors. In addition, the deployment of AI in business operations figures technological issues by carrying out many technological and associated tasks.

#3 - Streamlining IT and security tasks

AI systems deal with several data as for businesses, irrespective of the size, protecting data is essential. With better monitoring techniques and capabilities, artificial intelligence takes up the IT tasks and properly enhances workforce security beyond an area. AI-based apps are suitable for resolving cybersecurity issues in the business premise with the help of IT asset inventory, quick incident response, and other cybersecurity solutions in the IT professional ecosystem.

#4 - Empowering Sales And Marketing

AI technologies give opportunities to create an alignment between the marketing and sales team thanks to high-level algorithms integration. Whether it is about customizing and scaling messages with AI information or gathering customer data with artificial intelligence, this technology is a winner in all fields. Undoubtedly, the role of AI is appealing to enterprises to enhance the value in marketing and opportunity to drive relevant customer engagement and skyrocket the business potential. 

#5 - Offering customers experience to customers

The Future of AI helps identify what will be the best for enterprise and what tools and processes will be the best for business growth. Artificial intelligence facilitates personalized customer experience with the help of CRM and CDP software. This technology expects customer behavior and allows both B2B and B2C businesses to lead up to delivering excellent customer experience.  Hopefully, you have now understood the progressive role of AI businesses. So, if you plan to increase your business ROI with a reliable AI development solution, you need to get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company like Yugasa.

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