Internet Future: We have witnessed a great change in technology over the years. But this is not the end. We are expecting that this change will be an increase in upcoming years. This is a gradual process. Wi-Fi use gradually increases, connection speed is also increasing day by day and new devices are highly influencing the design of apps and websites. Every day new technologies are being introduced in the market. The Internet has become a basic need for people today. Everyone is highly dependent on the internet. Will the internet always be the same or will there be great changes to it. There are many predictions for the future on internet. Today we are trying to predict the future of internet considering the following points.

Internet connections will be permanent and automatic

the future of internet
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We have been using internet for a while and we use many ways to connect to the internet. Sometimes we wait for a minute for dialing up or sometimes the wait is only for a few seconds to enter Wifi passwords to get internet connections. Soon the connections will be made easier and constant. In such a case, the individual connection will not be required. We are hoping that the internet world will witness a less service outage and better connection era sooner.

Augmented And Virtual Reality Will lead - Internet Future

Mobile devices are one of the most heavy consumers of the internet. The mobile devices will sooner project the internet into the real world through augmented reality. Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens are few devices and technology which has pioneered this space. Augmented reality might have seen slow start but virtual reality has seen some extraordinary revolutions already. The world is sooner going to be highly dependent on AR and VR technologies because of its uniqueness.

Better opportunities for humans

Nowadays everything is being automatized. Also, the internet is being used to operate these automatic devices. These automatized machines are capable of performing many tasks that humans can't perform. Now machines being combined with the internet are changing the world at a rapid pace. The need for the people to work on mundane jobs will decrease as machines will replace them. Thus there will be a need for people to get educated and develop their skills to be employable in better quality jobs that will also increase their life styles.

Privacy is surely going to become a bigger concern as connections to internet and apps running our life will increase. It might even commoditize to extend that only a few rich people can buy and be off the grid. Thus there will be a number of companies striving to maintain a level of privacy for consumers.

The Internet Of Thing Will Fully Mature

Internet of Things is already being used in our daily household as well as many of the official equipments. In upcoming years we predict that it will be used in almost every field like vehicles, health monitors, wallets and even in our currency. The more freely information flows the better our life becomes. This fact will drive people to connect any possible thing with internet.

Business And Individuals Might Struggle To Adapt to Increasing Rate Of Change

With more advancement in the field of the Internet the rate of growth and development will increase at a huge pace. Due to machine learning and increased computing power, the development of Internet-based technology will increase at a rapid pace and might go out of control. So many businesses will struggle to cope with this pace. This might cause a loss in business of many individuals. So it is certain that due to this extensive use and future scope of internet and its applications many businesses are going to be in danger.

Internet is no more limited to planet Earth

Today earth is the only planet with access to the internet. But with the project of SpaceX founder Elon Musk to colonize Mars, soon mars will also be the planet to have internet connectivity. There will be satellite orbiting Mars that will transfer data back and forth and hopefully, mars will be the second planet to have internet access.


The internet has brought an array of changes in the day to day activities of people. We can now never imagine a world without the Internet. Internet is a technology that is here to stay and every business must ensure that they make the most of this tremendous technology.