Top-Notch Apps: A lot of technological breakthroughs were promised by the end of 2020. Although there's still a lot to be achieved as claimed, yet the advancement and implementation of revolutionary trends in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data have contributed immensely to refining Image Recognition technology further. Image recognition technology trend has revolutionized online visualization with its endless applications in various fields like the IT sector, medical, and even in the field of education. Well, there's no doubt that image recognition is a trending advancement these days.

7 amazing apps that exemplify the potential of image recognition and how this technology helps us resolve our issues.

Google Lens

Google is all about being revolutionary. With its impeccable innovations and creations, it's ruling the market for years now. And they've proven this yet again with the Google Lens image recognition app. This is an astounding app that allows capturing images with a smartphone camera and then skims the internet for information. The functioning of this app is similar to the Google Image search. And this app is amazing for recognizing objects and matching them with contextual information. Additionally, this photo identifier app's performance and working model are furthermore strengthened with the artificial intelligence working behind the curtain. The app attempts to identify the objects by reading text, labels, or scanning QR codes, barcodes, etc and shows the related information.

Aipoly Vision

This app has set the bar further higher by offering spectacular features like an image recognition app. This application proves that businesses of any size can build something inspiring and innovative with the right ideology. Aipoly Vision app is designed to help visually impaired and color-blind people identify objects by simply pointing their camera towards the object. This app leverages machine learning technology that helps it learn over time with the information provided by the user.

TapTapSee - Top-Notch Apps

TapTapSee is another amazing image recognition app designed for the blind and visually disabled community. This app utilizes the phone's camera to identify anything your camera is being pointed at. This object identifier app's unique feature is the voice-over function that enables the application to speak the identified object's name out loud for you.

Cam Find - Top-Notch Apps

Cam Find allows the users to literally search the physical world. It offers a mobile visual search engine. Take a picture of an object and the app will tell you what it is and produce practical results like videos, images, and web content to help you find what you were looking for. These results can also increase the user's knowledge. And you can also share what you've found with your family and friends from within the app. You even have an option of saving the results to your profile. Also, Cam Find is empowered by Cloud-Sight Image Recognition API.


LeafSnap is a mobile app that helps users to identify tree species through images of their leaves. It is designed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institutions. This incredible visual recognition app leverages visual recognition software to identify trees and plants. This app increases the user's knowledge regarding nature. It also has several high-resolution images of flowers, plants, and trees. Since there are myriad species of plants out there, LeafSnap enables users to recognize the plant conveniently just with a picture.


This is created by A9 Innovation, but the app is powered by Amazon. The program is dedicated to simpler and faster shopping on Amazon. With more than 45 million products on Amazon, the E-commerce giant had to find a way to deliver a faster and more feasible user experience. So, they designed the Flow object recognition application. This app utilizes your phone camera to identify the objects in front of it. Once it identifies, it displays relevant results by finding the object in the store. The only drawback of this app is that its reach is limited to the Amazon store's products only. But in the end, it's a great image recognition app.

ScreenShop - Top-Notch Apps

ScreenShop is built to serve the fashion-driven community. The photo identifier app helps the user locate similar pieces like the image. With ScreenShop, you can take a screenshot of the item in a picture. And then it analyses the captured screenshot and will guide you where you can find the clothes, accessories, or the other products in the picture. The catalog of this app is updated regularly, which enables you to find almost all the trendiest things with ease. Hence, ScreenShop is great for the young generation and provides a quicker and feasible shopping experience. Conclusion: From the examples shared above, it is crystal clear that image recognition technology is leveraged to perform diverse tasks. It is quite evident that technologies like AI and ML have already capitalized on image recognition technology making it more advanced in several aspects. At Yugasa, we use image identification technology to its best potential in some of our projects. If you're interested in creating any such apps, our team of experts will provide you with world-class applications.