Error Free Tools: Why does one person need help? There can multiple reasons depending upon different scenarios like to cut short their work, guidance to children, counseling sessions to parents, to help through the studies or project work, giving you hints to resolve any mystery, and much more. Being helpful can be the guiding light in one’s life too. Even non-living things are so much in use in daily life to lessen your hardship and achieve your life goals easily. For example, mobile phones are just like a body part as it goes along where you go including various features and applications, maps, calculator, calendar, internet, note-making, email management, etc. 

In today’s world, everything is changing a new direction of working style from paperwork to the digital world which is a very organized style of working, customers are using less paper currency and the numbers of online transactions are scaling up. New modes of transport like Metro in Delhi-NCR, has changed the lifestyle of an individual by reducing the time, money, distance to move between the places.

Similarly, businesses and private organizations are outgrowing at the heights in all the aspects whether it is infrastructure, properties, hotels, shops, etc. Even the entrepreneurs are coming into limelight these days with their unique ideas of their brands and excelling further into distinct categories like cab services, hospitalization, grocery, travel agencies. Then at the end, one thing is the most common considering all the aspects that are ‘How much profit they are earning?’, ‘What is the outcome of the project?’ and many provisions related to the project work of the company. This all refers directly to the important tools to refer to project management. It is one of the best ways to keep track of multiple projects, delegating tasks, collaborating across teams easily making to hit the end-of-year goals. 

Project Management and its importance - Error Free Tools

Project management and the tools help everything to run smoothly all the processes like planning, executing and completing a project with empowering to monitor how the project is going, using a team’s documented workflow, tracking, skills, and knowledge. The tools are valuable across a broad range of industries. Certainly, the biggest challenges are usually to finish work on time and within the limit on budget along with meeting the project’s goals.

An efficient project manager has to wisely allocate the available resources (e.g. people, money, time) to the team to get project completion to the right standard. Tracking progress is the primary job role of the project manager to observe and learn each step involved in the process of the project.

Communication- A tracker

As the word communication comes from the Latin word ‘communicare’, meaning ‘to share’. The word describes the importance of sharing messages or a piece of vital information end to end through a medium. In the U.S, 59% of workers state that communication is the team’s biggest obstacle to success. With a lack of proper communication between the individuals can make the project suffer losses.

This can also bring downfall and inefficiencies in the project management process resulting in stressful experiences for the employees and hinder the company’s productivity leading to major losses over time. It plays a unique role in handling the project and its processes to face multiple challenges to achieve the best return. The process of communication involves input, medium, outcome, and feedback. Feedback too again plays an important role in the project management process in finding out the weaknesses while moving further. Transmitting the correct information at the correct time using specific tools and techniques is very important. 

Work done by Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing is a practice when a company hires another company source to get their job done from the outside world instead of having an in-house department or an employee. To ease out the complexity, the parent company chooses the outsourcing partner by assigning the project and its efficient services like transferring the employees to the outsourcing company. There are certain reasons to choose certain business functions. Some of them are listed below.

  • Improving or streamlining the efficiency for time-consuming functions
  • Maximizing the use of eternal resources
  • Gaining world-class  capabilities 

Many industries have outsourced like financial organizations, IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, software, etc. The outsourced company takes care of the following key points:

  • ·A strategic vision and plan
  • Clarity of company goals and objectives
  • Carefully vendor selection
  • Open communication with stakeholders
  • Relation management concerns

Error Free Tools - Who can be the right partner?

 The main concern of a company is to work with a partner truthfully for their unique needs. The selection of it should be according to the business of the company and the specific scope failing which the work will not yield positive results. To avoid meeting wrong partners, the company should follow a few key points:

  • Review the recruitment process of vendors and candidates selection process carefully 
  • Present the full project scope to it.
  • There should be complete transparency
  • Be aware of wrong or false integration and onboarding of team
  • Ensure proactive communication between each other
  • Ensure the cultural and time differences, example- Asian outsourcing partners have a completely different time zones
  • Assign the project to a single project manager at one point of time
  • Along with the goals, balance out between quality expectations and project expenses
  • Keep a fine cross-check on the ongoing process 
  • Keeping a track on all protocols to be followed 

Important Tools 

Keeping track of every task in the project management process at hand is easier than ever. To improve the abilities, productivities and getting work done at the right time and in the right way, there are certain the most fundamental tools used to give wings of success to the project.

Fortunately, there are plenty of project management software options to keep a track of the process in one place. Just to ensure streamlining everyone on your team, have a look at a few project management tools.

Teamwork Projects

  • It specializes in bringing the workers in a framed team together.
  • It is one of the project management tools or software for the organization that wishes to see a big picture.
  • The name itself suggests that it allows one to create team member status updates regularly along with flexibility coworker’s schedules.
  • It provides the proper format with a great pattern of keeping and maintaining records of the task allotted.
  • It has cells like a structured sheet making tasks to record easily.
  • Contacting customers and collaboration with team workers at the same time is also possible.
  • This platform also ensures great communication between the company and the project manager.
  • Constant contacts can be made through messages on a real-time basis.
  • Gantt chart for checking and visualizing the calendar including to visualize due dates and project timelines.
  • All the assigned tickets or viewing customer emails at one point.
  • As per the website, the pricing is free up to five users.
  • The paid plan is $9 per user per month for a minimum of five users.
  • This software keeps the data of the company safely in custody.


  • This can be one of the comprehensive project management tools.
  • Facebook, an online social media application that created this software, Asana. 
  • It has become #1 as it provides all-around abilities and features mainly it focuses on tracking everything from the ground level to the highest peak.
  • It lists out all the basic requirements of the company.
  • For every appointed task, it provides the ability to create templates.
  • It holds the ability to collaborate and share information through strong communication across the workers securely and privately.
  • The platform is the most popular tool for project management used by millions of people across 192 countries with over 100 integrations along with the start-to-finish process.
  • All the projects, documents, and tasks are filtered and customized.
  • This provides the free service for the team up to 15 members adding unlimited tasks projects and conversations.
  • The paid plan starts $10.99 per user per month.
  • It has a modern UI (User Interface) with clutter-free colours and friendly animations.
  • It has got the best possible teams of big shot companies like DELOITTE, VOX MEDIA, NASA, TIMBUK2, SALESFORCE
  • The application has toolbars that are designed under various categories like list, boards, timeline, calendar, and many more.


  • It states ‘One place, not all over the place’, that it is the only platform where all the work is placed together and worked upon smoothly.
  • It has a standard to improvise fundamentally. 
  • Many organizations like software development companies, schools, nonprofits one, media companies, design firms, etc use this tool widely.
  • This tool works and supports mostly all operating systems- iOS, Android, MAC, and PC.
  • From 2004 with just 45 accounts signed up, it has reached up to 3.3 million in 2020.
  • Already 5,180 enterprise companies have too signed up for excelling in their products.
  • The platform provides zoom in or out to split up the views of projects.
  • Giving a broad overview at an HQ (high-quality) of the team and projects with a closer look.
  • Message boards are also available to conduct error-free communication and to refer to it later.
  • In one of the sections ‘to-do section’, the status of assigned work, what’s done and what’s not without reminding can be cross-checked.
  • It has a chat room, Campfire for posting queries.
  • Schedule sections mention date and timeline.
  • Docs and files section is used for uploading images and files.
  • It charges a flat $99/month.


  • It is the main company’s insane productivity.
  • Making daily work pressure less, it is transparent and efficient for thousands of companies. 
  • It brings out the best of startup, small-medium business enterprises, giving the direction of the digital workplace with all features, tools and, integrations.
  • The platform has reached globally and its headquarters are placed in San Diego, CA; Dublin Ireland; Prague, Czech Republic; Melbourne, Australia; Tokyo, Japan.
  • Nearly more than 20,000 organizations and 2 million users have signed up for the platform.
  • The workers are spread into different teams named under Accountability, Real-Time Visibility, Accelerates results.

Clarity and Accountability

For delivering consistent results, predefined templates and request forms are used.

Real-Time Visibility- 

The work is shown completely transparent giving the team’s work status. It identifies the problems and monitors the progress at every step of the process.

Accelerate Results- 

It eliminates unnecessary meetings by shortening the planning time. This helps in delivering faster results.

  • It is integrated with cloud accounts like Dropbox and iCal with 2GB storage space.
  • More certain features are- color codes, calendars, the built-in editing option
  • There is also a comment section to post a few comments.
  • To de-clutter the personal stream, one can unfollow activities.
  • It is free for five team members and the paid scheme starts from $9.80 per user per month with five users.
  • The leading companies who have opted for Wrike are-  Google, Hootsuite, L’OREAL, TIFFANY & CO., MARS


  • The Kanban system is implemented in various forms boards, cards, and lists along with the addition of a pleasing overview of all the projects.
  • It has got a free version with the accessibility of unlimited boards, checklists, etc.
  • Addition of files up to 10MB uploading from your computer or by linking files in Google Drive Box, Dropbox accounts.
  • It gives the facility of expressing ideas in many forms like words, images and, codes.
  • It is a ‘drag and drop’ tool allowing the project manager to assign a project under either personal or professional stage.
  • Templates are widely available in different ranges from education to business fields.
  • The workflow stages can be customized to reflect actual growth in the process.
  • Per 10 boards, the price is free forever with unlimited boards, charts, cards, and lists.
  • The best feature is this application allows synchronizing the details of the project to your all technological devices where one can check the status of the work from anywhere.
  • The leading companies who have opted for Trello are- National Geographic, Google, Kickstarter, Trender, etc.
  • Each Trello card is collaborated with the assigned project from the beginning to the end.


  • It has got more than 10,000 highly productive teams like Google, Airbnb, Nike, Netflix, Uber, etc.
  • It has categorized under various columns like to-do lists, docs and sheets, spreadsheets, email and chats, events, reminders, time tracking and project management.
  • It lists out the view and suggestions for the project stating different column status like revision needed, in progress, etc.
  • There is one option specializing in importing all the stuff from other project management tools like Asana, Trello, Monday, Google Sheets, etc to the ClickUp platform in less than a minute.
  • The tool works according to the basic requirements of the client by giving space to each appointed tasks like customer services.
  • The company can also mention the comments in the comment box, calendar data can be two-way synchronized along with checklists of the tasks.
  •  One can view the status of the project in Gantt View using different color codes.
  • It is integrated with a total of 52 applications.
  • It costs free forever for unlimited users with limited features.
  • Paid plans cost at $5/user per month.
  • It also features sorting and filtering options for managing certain specific tasks.
  • The goal of the marketing team is to overlap with sales, development or designs. This solution is very effective providing features to the appointed team of workers.
  • For learning the working system of the platform, it has uploaded many tutorials online and also set blogs with proper documentation and presentations.


  • It is a replacement for your emails to help the job to be done seamlessly.
  • It interacts with the individuals face-to-face to understand the job more efficiently.
  • Communication is the key feature.
  • The member can also go through the conversation history without missing out on any queries.
  • Providing an add-on feature, the company can contact it by starting a voice or a video call with any of the team members.
  •  It provides the guidelines of the working system of it on its website.
  • Using channels and Direct Messages (DM), the members can actively read the messages sent in private or in a group.
  • Notifications are popped to the team members and immediately the company can expect a reply.
  • The working environment is very serious about the company’s data handling part as each is safely secured into its database.
  • It has got a few service partners like Robots and Pencils, Cprime, Onix, etc.
  • Some of its technology partners are Workday, Zoom, G Suite, Salesforce, etc.
  • Here, the work is done by very innovative leaders to achieve the target firmly in a better way.
  • There are ranges of prices for different organizations as follows-
  • For small teams, it is free for unlimited time
  • For small and medium-sized teams, it is $2.67 per month
  • For larger enterprises, it is $5 per month 


We hope this article helped you understand the various options that are available for you to choose from to make your work and life easier! Feel free to contact our proactive team to learn more about these tools.