Content Writing Courses in India: Is your mind is loaded up with thoughts and experiences which you might want to share with other people! Or then again might you want to share details about technology and products? Would you like to convert your passion into a profession? Do you have colossal energy for writing? Do you require some inspiration to communicate your thoughts in a superior manner? Does your heart request you to write?  However, your mind says you can’t! Then, at that point I recommend you to take up a content writing course which will snout the disarray between your brain and the heart and will make you sufficiently sure to satisfy your enthusiasm for writing.

Content writing

Content writing is one of the trending courses in the current generation. Which have enormous opportunities. It takes five steps to write readable content and they are research, planning, writing, editing, and proofreading. Writing is not an easy task. It is a challenging one and it needs a lot of patience to make readable content. Readable content is what makes your audience understand the content easily and will evoke interest in your topic. You need to create an imaginary picture or a scene in their mind while they read each paragraph and your words or sentences must connect with their mind by analysing their reaction and identifying their queries. There are different types of categories in content writing and they are blogging, copywriting, technical writing, social media posts, Emails and you will utilizing your skills in these categories in the journey of content writing. In this journey of content writing, you may not be an expert in every topic. You can take help from subject matter experts. They might criticize you in every step, you need to consider it as feedback and improve your writing skills and focus on the quality of the content. Here are the top 10 content writing courses in India and they are ranked according to advantages offered by the respective institutions.
  1. Henry Harvin - Content Writing Courses in India
Henry Harvin occupies the first position in the list because of its excellence and quality of training provided to its students. Students who completed their course in this institute are working in MNC’s and many reputed organizations. Henry Harvin offers a content writing course and it is recognized as the best course by many news magazines, famous news channels, and many establishments. Henry Harvin has its division of writing academy which offers multiple courses in writing such as content writing, medical writing, technical writing, research writing, copywriting course, etc. You can opt for any course according to your interests. You can also opt for post-graduation programs in writing. Course Name: Content Writing Course with Gold Membership Course Duration: 36 hours of intensive training and one on one interaction with every student. Benefits of the course: The mentors are the best and most experienced individuals in the industry having experience of above 20 years. The classes are mostly activity-based. In each session, the half part will be theoretical lectures, another part will be filled with activities to improve your grasping power, creativity, and spontaneous writing towards any situation offered in front of you. Multiple games will be conducted to improve your intellectual ability. No doubt, you will each every session, and mentors will make you do every activity actively. Flexible classroom hours you can attend classes as per your requirement. Both offline and online sessions are available depending upon availability you can opt for either. If you miss any sessions, recorded classes sessions will be available to you or you can participate in any batch in case you miss a certain topic. Working professionals and students can attend the sessions on weekends and can discuss the batch timings with the coordinator. All the major concepts are covered in the course. Post completion of course benefits: Once you complete your course you will receive a course completion certificate and the same can be updated in your portfolio and social media like linked in for better opportunities. You will receive 100% placement opportunities from the Henry Harvin team management. You can opt for an internship post completion of the course to check your ability in the market and you will get great guidance from the mentors during your internship. Once you fulfil the requirements of the internship you receive an experience certificate from them and the same can be updated in your profile for a broader exposure in the industry.

What is Gold Membership?

Henry Harvin is offering one-year gold membership worth Rs. 6000/- for free and the same includes multiple benefits like recorded sessions of all the batches, boot camp sessions to brush your concepts, Job opportunities. It also includes complimentary modules like soft skills development and resume writing for career development along with course curriculum, to get more information about their course curriculum you can visit their website. Course Fee The institution offers two types of sessions and they are self-paced sessions and live online classrooms. Self-paced session includes lifetime support and access to course and 24*7 free updates which are worth Rs. 13500/- Live online session is a complete package of the course which includes all the benefits of a self-paced course, live mentoring by award-winning trainers, gold membership, boot camp sessions, and unlimited access to the recording of different batches. The same is worth Rs. 15000/- Check this video: Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews will help you to take the right step. 
  1. IIM Skills
IIM skills are one of the best institutions which offer skill development-oriented courses and it also offers Content Writing Courses in India It is a self-paced program. The course curriculum covers all the major concepts of content writing such as content strategy, content marketing, SEO writing, creating writing, etc. Course Name: Content Writing Master Course Course Duration: 4 weeks of live online classroom training which includes 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, etc. Benefits of the course: You will be receiving training from the most experienced professionals in the industry. The trainers are very dedicated while delivering the content. You can access the recorded classes and the updates from LMS (learning management system) which is for a lifetime. The Mentor believes in practical approach than the theoretical approach. You will be given n number of activities while your sessions for active participation. One on one interaction will be there between students and the faculty. All the queries will be answered within the topic before starting a new topic for better understanding. You will get free access to worth Rs. 3500/- which includes word press, keyword research, and SEO management tool. 100% percent placement assistance is given by the institution and you can opt for internship opportunities within the institute. You will be getting 10 hours of sessions to form experienced mentors in the industry. You will receive a certificate of course completion certificate in the end.
  1. Coursera - Content Writing Courses in India
Coursera is an American massive online provider, which offers a wide variety of online courses and certifications. It offers training from universities and organizations. It helps students and working professionals to enhance their skills. This institution offers other writing courses also like creative writing, academic writing, poetry workshop, English composition, and advanced writing, etc. Course Name: Content Writing Course Duration: 5 weeks (approximately 19 hours) Benefits of the course This course helps to understand concepts like blogging, content marketing, and content strategy which helps to retain and acquire customers. It will help you to learn about how to develop content by following necessary steps like developing content, organizing content, and implementing content. It is a self-paced course and recorded videos will be provided to you. Post completion of the course you will enhance your skills in management, copywriting, content marketing, and writing. You can enroll in classes for free and financial aid is available. You will receive a course completion certificate post completion of the course.
  1. Skillshare
Skillshare provides an online course in content writing, the organization has great personnel with rich space insight. The students and working professionals are driven with methodology and functional information, which makes this institute one of the best institutions. Course Name: Content Writing Classes Online Benefits of the course You can go through multiple concepts of content writing. All classes will be recorded and you will be able to access recorded sessions anytime and anywhere The course curriculum includes creative writing, social media marketing, SEO writing, blogging, editing, proofreading, etc.
  1. Udemy
Udemy is one of the best massive open online courses providers which provides multiple courses in various domains. You can choose as many courses as you want according to your interest. It offers job-oriented courses. You need to purchase recorded videos of your topic Course Name: Ultimate Web Content Writing Master class + Power words eBook Course Duration: 4.5 hours on-demand video Benefits of the course: This course offers all the details of the concepts of content writing. The mentors have experienced professionals in the industry. The candidates will take the course to a great extent to improve and upgrade their knowledge and to boost their career options. In this course, you will learn how to write content on a web page effectively. This course will be helpful for website owners, digital marketers, online entrepreneurs, freelance content writers, and marketing students. Post completion of the course you will be able to create your blog and you will be able to create your content. You can access videos for a lifetime and assignments will be given to you to check your ability. A recognized certificate will be issued to you in the end.
  1. Future Learn - Content Writing Courses in India
It is a British digital education platform and offers courses online and these courses and the partners include reputed organizations and government firms. It also offers different courses in writing which include creative writing, poetry, science writing, academic writing, and email wiring. Course Name: Content writing and marketing strategy Course Duration: 2 weeks (3hour sessions) Benefits of the course In this course, they cover all the concepts like content writing, content marketing, SEO, content strategy, etc. You will get live recorded sessions of the topics and you can access the same as per your requirement. The mentor is very experienced and currently working in one of the best organizations in the industry. A recognized certificate will be issued.
  1. Harappa Education
Harappa education offers writing course which helps you to boost your career in the industry. The course curriculum covers all the concepts of writing which include Email writing, academic writing, comprehensive writing, etc. Course Name: Content Writing (Writing Proficiently) Benefits of the course The duration of the course is 4.5 hours This course is for beginners who would like to improve their writing skills. It is a self-paced course. So, you can access the content as per your requirement The trainers are experienced in the industry. You will get a certificate at the end
  1. ECT
ECT is a government recognized institute offers content writing course and they offer online sessions. They offer an internship to candidates post completion of the course. Course Name: Content Writing Course with an in-built Internship Opportunity Course Duration: 32 hours, 3 Months Benefits of the course The trainers are most expired in the industry and you the course curriculum covers all the major topics of the course. You will get live recorded sessions, assignments, and live projects You will have full-time access to all the sessions. 100% placement opportunities post completion of the course. You will master topics like effective writing, SEO, Keyword search and will learn how to monetize your work. You will a recognized certificate post completion of the course.
  1. Online Idea Lab - Content Writing Courses in India
The institution is located in Bangalore offers online classroom sessions all over India. The course helps individual enhance their writing skills both offline and online. Course Name: Content Writing 101 Course Duration: 10 hours of live interactive sessions Benefits of the course You will recording sessions of all the batches and will help you access the content whenever you want. The course is available for 6 months They will provide you with study materials, assignments, and tools which are required to understand the concepts thoroughly. The course content covers all the basics of blogging, digital marketing, SEO and content writing, editing, and proofreading. You will be given live projects for hands-on experience Once you met all the criteria you can apply for the course completion certificate.
  1. Digital Academy 360
Digital Academy 360 is located in Bangalore, it is an award-winning institute in Bangalore that offers courses on digital technology and content writing. It offers both online and offline classroom sessions as per availability. Course Name: Content Writing Course Duration: 60 hours Benefits of the course The course covers all the major concepts in content writing like blogging, SEO, content marketing, etc. The assignment will be conducted on regular basis to identify your abilities. The concepts are trained by highly experienced mentors in the industry. The candidate will be trained on how to grab freelance job opportunities Flexible batches as per your requirement and your need to contact the coordinator in case if you have any problem with session timings. Working professionals and students can attend weekend sessions. In case if you miss any sessions live recording classes will be provided to you. You will receive a certificate post clearing all the requirements of the course. Advantages of Learning Content Writing It will improve your writing skills It will keep you updated by continuous research You will get many job opportunities which include, full-time job, a part-time job or you can work as a freelancer at your home. You have the option to build your career in digital marketing It develops your creativity By continuous writing, you will improve your vocabulary skills and fluency. Conclusion Content writing has huge scope in India as people are mostly dependent on digital content with content, businesses can attract leads and foster positive connections with their audience, ultimately pushing them down the sales funnel. Most marketers use content to guide their prospects through different stages of the buyer journey. They leverage different content formats for every stage of the journey, from brand awareness to get decisions. Since a gaggle of companies is fighting for an equivalent audience’s attention, they have high-quality, targeted content to chop through the clutter and reach potential customers. FAQ 1. What is the annual income of a content writer in India?  Ans. An experienced content writer can make 5 to 8 lakhs per annum 2. What are the qualities required to become a content writer? Ans. Research, creativity, time management, knowledge on submission and must be met with the targets. 3. Is graduation required for a content writer? Ans. No, graduation is not required. However, if you want to opt for a career in wiring go for literature, journalism, etc. 4. What is the demand in content writing? Ans. Content writing has huge demand in the current market.