GST Course in India: The GST course has been one of the most sought after courses right after its implementation in the year 2017. GST also known as Goods and Services Tax indirectly affects a lot of associated aspects including the GDP. Thus, the detailed study on the subject became the necessity and the reason for career growth of the time.  Therefore numerous finance sector professionals are rooting for the GST courses in order to excel their presence and positions in their respective firms. Various recent studies also claim that professionals who are GST certified tend to receive better opportunities and impressive pays.  Right after the implementation of GST, it has drastically changed the overall economic process of the nation. The implementation has not only affected the rich rats but has also taken the people of other classes ablaze too.  Thus, GST has managed to receive mention from every single individual. With each receiving mention, the need to elaborate and explain its effectiveness becomes vital. Therefore, from a career growth perspective, someone who is in the financial sector or is planning to join has to get one to one with detailed aspects of GST. This is only possible if one decides to enrol for one of the best GST Course providing institutions. But with so many options available in the market we often tend to make wrong choices. And since GST being such a crucial aspect of a career, learning it from any random institution will in no way boost your overall career.  So what do we do? Well, we look for GST courses that understand your requirements and offer exactly the same or more. But how do we find which institution can prove to be beneficial for us? That is possible through thorough research and practical analysis, which we are going to provide you through this article.  We do not want you to make wrong choices and then suffer like the rest. So here we proudly present the top 10 GST Courses in India that can help you acquire the necessary information on the subject.  So without delaying it any further let us just straight shoot into the topic and find out what it has in stores for us today. So here we begin.

Top 10 Best GST Courses in India:- 

Henry Harvin Education is one major platform that has uniquely stayed at the forefront and has offered some really reliable courses that have not only received appreciation from their dear learners but also some highly acclaimed media platforms.  Henry Harvin Education is an ed-tech platform that is trying to make education & specialisations accessible and affordable to all. The platform of Henry Harvin holds the team of most celebrated industry experts who dedicatedly work towards bringing the best out of learners.  Not only the trainers here are a sight of delight but the opportunities introduced to learn and explore here is commendable too. Internships here are a compulsory part of your program in order to give you real working world experience.  There are various other similar benefits that you as a learner can avail here and is truly worthy of availing too. As you continue to scroll down you will be made one to one with the benefits you as a learner will get to avail yourself here.  The GST course offered here is designed for 32 hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Session and is ranked as the number 1 platform for GST learning by India Today and Tribune India. These mentions itself speak volume and has thus proved that Henry Harvin's GST course is considered as one of the best GST Courses in India.  The training here includes 100% practical activities that foray you with numerous necessary elements in the most finest and easiest way. When enrolling for the program you get an opportunity to avail of 9 in 1-course benefit which corporates of 9 major benefits for just 1 single course enrollment. Exciting, isn't it?  You also as a learner at Henry Harvin will receive 24 x 7 lifetime support and access to important elements like Live Projects, Guaranteed Internship, Weekly Job support and much more. This entire program will be operated and managed by award-winning industry trainers and thus will altogether work to get the best out of you into the limelight.  Still, wondering why to choose the Henry Harvin GST Course? Well, do not worry. This section will help you resolve your confusion quite effectively. 
  • Henry Harvin Education centre is highly recognised and celebrated by more than 160 corporates. 
  • It has made space in Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, India Today, Business World and Mail Today for the unique and efficient learning experience it provides to the learners enrolling here. 
  • Henry Harvin holds an alumni network of about 18000+ professionals in more than 23 cities across India. 
  • The platform of Henry Harvin Education is considered to be the oldest GST training institute. It was formally introduced in 2016. 
  • The major topics discussed during the programs are: 
  • GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A
  • New provisions of e-invoicing
  • How to take ITC ( Input Tax Credit ) in case it's not reflecting. 
  • The certification that you will be receiving after the completion of the program will be Government of India recognised. Thus, the certification received can boost your chance of getting hired. 
Apart from these basic reasons you have a lot more to explore when you enrol here. During your program tenure you will be able to understand practical issues faced with GST, gain experience of computer-based practical training on GST, resolve doubts during the training and even after, receive study materials worth Rs.500 absolutely free, understand and analyse real-life cases and experiences shared by GST experts. So these are some merits you could expect in terms of GST learning at Henry Harvin Education.  Now that we have covered some major points of the GST program offered here it's time that we also glance at the 9 major benefits that come with the GST course.  9 in 1 Course:- 
  • Training ( 32 Hours ) 
  • Projects ( To keep your progress in check ) 
  • Internship ( To give you real-world working experience ) 
  • Certification ( Govt. Of India recognised ) 
  • Placement ( 100% placement assistance after the successful completion of the program) 
  • E-learning Access ( Access to various tools and study materials in order to enhance your learning experience ) 
  • Bootcamps ( Regular Bootcamps for next 12 months ) 
  • Hackathons ( Receive access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions ) 
  • Membership ( 1 year Gold Membership program of Henry Harvin Accounts Academy for the GST Practitioner Course ) 
So these are the 9 major benefits that you as a learner can avail and use to shape your overall learning experience here.  Due to the covid outbreak, the course is presented to you in a discounted amount of Rs. 8999/-. This is valid till the 30th of September. Thereafter the fee for the course will be Rs. 12500/-  So go ahead and avail your offer right away. For more detailed information you can head onto the website of Henry Harvin Education and get all your queries resolved effectively.  Watch this GST Tutorial-
  • International Society for Executive Learning ( ISEL ) - GST Course in India

ISEL is one big platform for learners to learn and grow under the supervision of the best industry experts. The platform offers some really exciting courses for individuals to explore in various sectors.  The GST course at ISEL is recognised as the GST Practitioner Certification Course. The course is MSME and Government of India recognised which helps learners to get recognised and considered at their work area.  The course is scheduled for 3 months wherein you enjoy numerous benefits at each stage. During your program tenure, you will receive access to various high quality and e-learning content that is somewhere around more than 35 hours long. Numerous Q&A sessions will be introduced in order to help you deal with your general queries effectively.  The training material that will be included in your training sessions is designed and tailored by highly experienced professionals holding a minimum of 25 years of experience. Not only will you be introduced to online study material access but will have various offline tools to rely on too.  Once you successfully complete the program you will be then awarded with the certification that will help you achieve higher recognition and appreciation as compared to the other colleague members serving the same position.  The total cost for the program is Rs. 7600/-. For more detailed information you can head onto the website of ISEL and get your queries best resolved. 
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) 

ICAI has some of the best transformational courses that can allow the learners to have the best learning experience when planning to pursue the best GST Courses.  The GST Certification course at ICAI is a 10 Day Course that is operational on Saturdays & Sundays as well as Monday to Friday. One can choose the best time to join the program as per one's own needs and desires.  The course will provide you with specialised and updated information about GST and other associated aspects in a well-organised manner. It will also help you enhance your analytical views, problem-solving skills and decision-making process.  The faculty involved in assisting you throughout the program come from extremely well educated and trained backgrounds that can help learners with all the necessary minute detailings in order to have an impactful understanding of the subject.  The fees for Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad and Jaipur is Rs. 14,000/- plus GST. Whereas for other cities it is cited to be Rs. 12,600/-.  For more detailed information you can head onto the website of ICAI and get all the necessary questions answered. 
  • ClearTax

Cleartax is your golden opportunity to master various aspects of GST and implement thex best out of it into your daily living. Cleartax truly is a learners platform that takes huge responsibility in moulding learners in the best possible way.  Learning your GST here comes with countless benefits that shape the overall learning experience. At Cleartax one learns about GST filing in English or Hindi as per one's preference and comfort. Further, you also get one to one with handling errors and mismatches while the return filing.  As a part of your program, you will get a chance to resolve your queries by various CA's & GST experts. Learning here will be guided and moulded by the best industry trainers so that you have the exact idea of every necessary element required.  Learners enrolling soon can avail of 25% OFF on the total course fee. For more detailed information about the GST courses offered here, you can head onto their website and get your queries best resolved. 
  • Udemy GST Certification Course - GST Course in India 

Udemy has always been a saviour to learners who cannot afford to cut time from their normal days for routine classrooms. Using Udemy one can learn at their own time, own pace almost anything and everything at the most affordable rates.  When looking for the best GST Courses in India you just can't miss out on Udemy. When you enter your search query you find several courses associated with GST. You can choose from the available options and immediately begin your learning journey.  Every course on Udemy comes with brief specifications that foray you in and out about the stuff you can expect in the course. The Master GST Course at Udemy is A to Z introduction to GST learning and benefits you in a major way.  The program is for 3.5 hours and includes full lifetime access for learners to revise back at any given point in time. Once you successfully complete your program you will also be awarded with a certification of completion.  This course is for professionals like Accountants, Tax Practitioners, CA, CS, Bcom, MCom, MBA. Below mentioned are a few major points you will be learning here:- 
  • GST Filing 
  • GST Registration
  • GST Registration Cancellation
  • GST Refund
  • GSTR - 1/2/3/4 and many many more. 
You also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you do not seem to be satisfied with the learnings offered. For more detailed information you can head onto their website and get your queries quickly resolved. 
  • GST Center - GST Course in India

GST Center is reliably another huge platform that learners can hop in for. One can find multiple courses related to GST here. Some are short-termed certification GST courses while some are Diploma GST courses.  The platform takes responsibility for introducing GST learning using Simulation software just like Government portals. Your skill as a learner here is rectified using various softwares and assignments that keep your progress in check and guides you at points that require tailoring.  As you proceed ahead projects and assignments will be introduced so that you learn to implement the learning in order to feel more confident and productive. Expert's of the GST centre will deliver Live Classes and resolve all your queries related to GST learning.  A set pattern is put into action right through your enrollment till your certification. One has to follow the same and get the best of them to action whenever needed. For more detailed information you can head onto their website and get your queries resolved. 
  • EduPristine - GST Courses India

EduPristine - Empowering Professionals is another commendable platform along with who you could get your GST terminologies on point. The platform dedicatedly offers various courses related to Finance and Accounting.  The content tailored here is exam content and the learners getting exposure to these contents are guided and supervised by qualified professionals who have wonderfully excelled in their respective careers. To keep your progress on track you will be requested to be a part of numerous mock tests for your pre-exam evaluation.  You will be having 24*7 dedicated discussion forums, Soft Skill Training, After Course Engagement, Customised Career Guidance, Placement Assistance, Online Learning Solutions and many more.  The GST course at EduPristine includes every minute bits and bytes associated with GST in order to give the learner a wide vision. The program follows a classroom training process which is conducted on Weekdays and Weekends. The overall duration of the course is 32 hours.  The program is run and managed by top-notch professionals of the industry holding impressive experience and expertise in their respective fields. Few topics to be discussed during the program are mentioned below:- 
  • Basics of Tax
  • The taxation system in India 
  • Introduction to GST Structure
  • Rates Comparison
  • Applicability of GST
The program can be accessed by learners in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. For more detailed information you can head onto their website and get all your queries answered constructively. 
  • Tax Guru - GST Course in India

Tax Guru is a well-known name among finance and accounts learners. The platform is totally dedicated to offer such courses and allow students to have a broader view of the subject.  When looking for the best GST courses in India, the Self Learning Certification Course on GST definitely doesn't deserve to remain absent from your list. The course walks you through crucial subjects of GST that can help you to tackle a lot of disputes and errors of your own firm.  The basic topics you could expect to be covered in your GST Course are:- 
  1. Constitutional Aspects
  2. Basic concepts associated with GST 
  3. Taxes subsumed in GST
  4. Valuation
  5. Marginal Scheme and a lot more. 
  Finance professionals serving/dealing with positions like CA/CS/CMA/Lawyers etc. The total cost for the Self Learning Certification Course in GST is Rs.8000/- plus GST @18%.  For more detailed information please head onto their website and get yourself enrolled right away. 

9. VSkills - GST Course in India

When talking about courses learners can actually rely on; Vskills always steps up with responsibility and quality. Vskill has delivered and is continuing to deliver multiple courses that benefit young learners and professionals desiring to elevate their careers to new heights.  The Certified GST professional at Vskills is a 28 hours learning course where the learner receives lifelong e-learning access. The certification you receive after your successful completion of the course is valid for a lifetime and is a government recognised.  The total cost for the course is Rs.3,499/-. Once enrolled on the program you can begin learning at your own comfort and appear for the 60-minute test anywhere, anytime at your own comfort.  For more detailed information you can head onto their website and get the desired information as per your need. 

10. CAclubindia - GST Course in India

Last but surely not least to make it to our top 10 GST Courses in India is CAclubindia. When you hunt for GST Courses here you find ample courses to choose from. Thus, as per your need and requirement, you can choose for the course specification.  Talking about the Advanced GST Training and Certification Course at CAclubindia is designed for 61 hours. You will be availing an Ebook on GST and numerous videos that will rectify your understanding of GST.  The course curriculum is up to date with the latest information and is fed with all the vital updates in the easiest and understandable language. The website gives you detailed information about the modules and what you could expect within those modules.  The entire course is priced for Rs. 6,599/- ( Inclusive of Registration and Tax ). On your successful completion of the program, you will also be receiving a certification by CAclubindia that will confirm you as a validated learner.  For more detailed information you can head onto their website and get your queries best assisted. 

What is GST? 

Before we get into the top 10 list of best GST Courses let us take a moment and try to understand what exactly GST is and how it is shaping our overall economic aspect. Having this understood can help you dig GST concepts in a much better way.  So what exactly is GST? GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. This tax was brought into action on the 01st of July, 2017. The introduction of GST led to the abolition of multiple existing other taxes.  The GST Certification can prove to be very essential to professionals serving in financial sectors as CAs, CS, Auditors, Taxation and many more. Having fundamentals of GST understood helps you perform your task in a well-organised manner, improves your analytical views, enhances your problem-solving approach as well as strengthens your decision making process.  Thus, studying GST in detail has emerged to be the need of the hour for every individual wanting to have an excelling career in the field of Finance.  Benefits of GST Certification:-  Now a lot of you might be wondering does a GST certification really contribute towards an excellent career graph. Well, just to let you know it offers a lot more than that. Wondering what those lists of benefits are? Well, then here it goes: 
  • The very first benefit goes without saying. As a GST Certified professional you can expect a decent percentage of raise/hike in your salary. 
  • Once you are certified as a GST professional you can choose to work as a practitioner or serve as an employee to a business firm or can even open up your own consultancy. 
  • Having enrolled on the program gives you a detailed insight into the various unintroduced aspects of GST learning. 
  • Having your GST certification done increases your chance for job opportunities. 
  • Gives you a wider understanding of Taxation, Finance and Accounting. 
These are some basic benefits associated with the GST certification. You will surely get to explore more when you dive deep for enrollment.  Now that we've managed to gather enough information on understanding GST in and out it's time that we get onto the list of best GST courses in India. So that aspiring professionals out there can grab this opportunity and use it for their best.  Recommended Read: New career path for GST practitioners GST News

Final Words:- 

Whenever pursuing any course it is very essential to be pursuing it from a well-known platform that has equally to contribute in return. With the global market going so wide the options to choose from has crucially increased too. Thus, sometimes coping with the same becomes stressful.  At such times research helps like no other. We sure don't want you to fall for the wrong choices when choosing a GST course. Now that you have the list of best GST Courses in India; we're pretty sure you wouldn't be making wrong choices. So what are you waiting for? Hop onto one of these institutions and fire your learning journey now.  We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries you can feel free to discuss them in the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same.  Thank you.  Keep Reading! Keep Learning!