Machine Learning App Ideas 2020: Artificial intelligence has reached a peak level in almost every industry in the world in recent years. The most successful business tycoons and the analyst believe in the upcoming years, the industries and business will run on artificial intelligence.

The impact of that had started reflecting in major industries and businesses. Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and intelligence that endeavor to mimic human intelligence.

Machine learning is one of the most important subsets of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the computer algorithm that can learn by itself and improve on its own from the experience they gained without human intervention.

AI & ML will rule the Future world, so the demand for them increases day by day, so as the investment in them. People from every part of the world started investing and developing apps will run on AI/ ML.

Machine learning will easily get funded because this is the most applied subset of Artificial intelligence. Apps using Machine learning like Siri, Google maps, have already created a huge impact and it will create more in the future. Below are the top 10 machine learning app ideas which will play an important role in the daily life of humans. 

1. Healthcare: Machine Learning App Ideas 2020

Machine learning plays a crucial role in health care from Billing, patient care, holding medical records, and smart health care. Google has developed a machine-learning algorithm that helps mammography to identify cancerous tumors.

Stanford University is using deep learning algorithms to identify skin cancer. Applications based on ML embedded with Real-time patient data are available in health care all over the world, which will introduce new treatment options the world hasn’t seen. The new treatment options include

  •  Identifying disease and diagnosis
  •  Medical imaging diagnosis
  • Smart health records
  • Radiotherapy
  • Crowdsourced data collection
  • Behavioural modification
  • Clinical trial

NIRAMAI HEALTH ANALYTICS is a Bangalore based start-up started in 2016 by two women that offer a novel breast cancer screening solution, which uses machine learning to detect. Today’s world healthcare is one of the most important and top-earning industries all over the world, which offers value-based services to people.

2. Retail & Ecommerce:

E-commerce Machine learning app will take any business from nothing into something valuable. ML helps to develop E-commerce companies that give the customer a new experience when they use it every time. ML apps can give relevant information about products that the users search for.

It will also recommend and show products based on searches and interests not only that it notifies them about the offers given to any product. Machine learning algorithms and data used for E-commerce apps help customers to make better buying options. ML gives many significant applications to the E-commerce app and those are:

  • Product recommendation
  • Customer service
  • Pricing optimization
  • Fraud elimination

Retail apps developed with Machine learning makes more profits for retail shops. If the daily customers use the app to buy things from the shop the owner will come to know which product is more in demand in his shop and thereby increase the sales.

3. Travel and Tourism: Machine Learning App Ideas 2020

Traveling plays a significant role in people’s life. Machine learning technology is used in the travel industry which gives clear details about the places and how to reach it. This makes people plan their trips and the way to reach as quickly as possible. Apps developed with machine learning will help to plan the trip according to the preferences like at which budget hotels and resorts they want.

It tells about the price and reviews and acts as a user personal travel assistant. It also collects the data of the different places and stores in it for other people who use the app. If a person visits an adventurous place in a foreign country, they can mark the place in the app and give a detailed description of the place. This will help other people to find who looks for an adventurous place in a foreign country in the same app.

4. Finance and Accounting:

Machine learning has to direct Finance and banking services to something new which it hasn’t experienced. Apps created with machine learning can help analyze transactions, Account, and it also manages the income and expenses of the user with their cards and accounts linked to the app.

It also makes quick data entry and reporting which makes professionals work easier. Applications of Machine learning in finance and accounting apps which gives the benefits are:

  • Fraud detection
  • Customer service
  • Investment predictions
  • Loan/ insurance underwriting

 5. Cybersecurity:

As the technologies develop more, so as the consequences created by them too. In this technological world vulnerability exploitation and stealing of data are occurring ever more than before. The Cybersecurity app developed with ML will detect suspicious activities on their own and prevent data from hackers.

The app powered with AI can check the cyber-attack very easily and denies permission to enter this kind of application. Machine learning uses its algorithms which is a combination of data sets and statistical analysis to detect abnormal computer behavior. It can take action and performs functions well from earlier experience which need not be explicitly programmed.

6. Media and Entertainment:

There are lots of processes before releasing a movie and these days machine learning starts to control media and entertainment. Movies are releasing on OTT platforms, where they show people what they want to watch before they decide what to watch. The example of this is Netflix which runs by Machine learning.

But now before it reaches the hands of ML designed apps it gets help from machine learning. People make movie trailers & design ads with machine learning algorithms. So, this reduces the work pressure of people and gives better visualization for audiences.

7. E-learning:

Machine learning a subset of Al has laid the foot on online learning and E-learning. Modern technologies are evolving constantly with AI and they create and develop new methods in every field. E-learning is not the exception and the online learning developed with machine learning is growing stronger than ever before.

ML using their algorithms can use data, make decisions, and draw conclusions. As the number of schools and colleges are increasing day by day, so are the students learning too. Every student wants to learn something from E-learning and even some colleges teach only online for their students. There are lots of benefits in ML E-learning app and below are a few:

  • Personalized learning
  • Enhance assessment quality
  • Better ROI
  • Chatbot as instructor 

8. Project Development:

To avoid project failures due to poor project planning and to avoid financial crisis project management apps with ML helps to find a solution. Machine learning plays a vital role in handling software products and helps project managers in handling their projects. This machine learning technique in project management tools helps them avoid potential risks in handling projects based on previous experiences either from the same person or their team. 

9. Sports:

Are you a sports person and concern about your health? Then, the sports app created with machine learning will act as a personal assistant to you. The physiological assistance app for sportspersons will alert if any strain in performance a player experiences and gives the signal to stop to prevent injury. Apps with machine learning can read the sensors and record data to customize a workout program for an individual.

It helps coaches to improve their players and let them make strategic decisions before and after a game. ML also helps anyone to measure the activities of any sport through sensors and cameras. These analytics helps the player and coaches to analyze their strength and weakness. Sports apps that use ML tend to improve in the future with better sensors and algorithms.

10. Storytelling:

One of the best apps which were developed using machine learning is a storytelling app. people like to read or hear stories during their childhood. All people had heard at least one story when they were a child. Not only children, even after growing up, people also want to read or hear stories, so this app can give them a story that they love to hear.

It not only reads out a story but also narrates it in a perfect storytelling manner. Most storytelling apps narrate the story if anyone pastes a file in it. But Sometimes the storytelling app itself acts as a huge database and will have some interesting stories.


Machine Learning App Ideas 2020 is widely used across various domains like Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, etc. The above mentioned are only very few but there is a chance to implement this technology in various sectors. Anyone can use their Machine learning ideas in any field to develop something new which will create a better living. 

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