Mobile App Development Ideas 2020: In 2020, mobile apps plan to produce sales of 189 billion dollars. Companies and developers will stay aware of all emerging developments in the mobile device development industry. Within this blog, we will seek to recognize some of the latest developments in the mobile app development market in 2020.

Mobile App Development Ideas 2020 So Do You Want To Find Out How The Trends Came About For Every Year?

The answer is simple:

• Ruling app markets like Google Play and Apple’s App Store

  • Updates within the leading apps in the market
  • Apps have gone viral (or expected to remain viral)
  • Various industries using the latest technologies
  • The ever-changing consumer demands and needs

Turning to the developments that will dominate the development space for the mobile app in 2020:

1. Connectivity of 5G

In December 2017, the world's cell connectivity standards regulator 3GPP officially approved the first 5 G technology specification in Lisbon. A year later the mobile network of the 5th generation started to hit the market. 5 G will continue to grow worldwide, serving the increased communication needs of thousands of devices worldwide.

5G networks are wireless mobile networks, separated into specific regional regions called cells within the coverage area served by vendors. The telephone digitizes analog signals, reflecting sounds and images, and transmits them as bitstream by means of an analog-to-digital converter. Most technology experts claim that when completely deployed in the real world, 5 G networks along with current 4 G LTE systems are 10-20 times faster than 4G. Standalone 5 G that hit gigabit plus faster than hardwired fiber connections, making the mobile internet that fast, if not faster.

Expanding the 5G network offers a greater user experience with faster communication up to 100x faster than 4G and new technologies are infiltrated in mobile phones.

2. Blockchain Apps - Mobile App Development Ideas 2020

Across several areas, including the development of the mobile app, Blockchain technology has been a changer and is one of this year's big trends in mobile app growth.

There are several applications compatible with blockchains available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. They are primarily e-wallets, currency converters, digital asset tracking tools, and network solutions.

Blockchain's disruptive power is not confined to cryptocurrencies, there is much more that you may think about blockchain for mobile apps and other app trends throughout the image.

This technology provides you with a special security approach that allows you to enhance your mobile platform safety.

The key advantages of powered blockchain apps are:

  • Enhanced Data Protection
  • Faster Transactions
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency

The importance of blockchain apps is highlighted by experts with improved security protocols as devices will serve as blockchain-based nodes for better protection.

3. Ios Apps

In recent years IoT has been the leading producer of technology developments and will not be slowed down any time soon.

Statistical app trends in 2019 have shown that there will be more than 26 billion IoT-connected devices around the world. It will cross the 75 billion contact point by 2025.

New app patterns in IoT apps will be driven by the rising demand for smart devices. A smartphone bridges the gap between smart systems and people, while the main application for the management of connected devices is an application. Almost every leading mobile device development company today focuses on developing and delivering IoT ecosystems to its business customers as services.

IoT apps allow you to:

  • Monitor readings of devices and sensors
  • Analyze data, build charts and reports
  • Manage connected devices

For mobile app development platforms and enterprise-grade applications that are personalized, IoT also profits. In various industries and sectors, from pharmacy to education to manufacturing and transport, it is becoming a norm .. IoT App is currently booming, as new types of devices like wearables, smartwatches, Fitbit, home helpers, etc. emerge.

4. Cloud Apps - Mobile App Development Ideas 2020

The mobile app developers began to invest in cloud-based software establishing the age of technology developments for mobile clouds. Multiple mobile apps have incorporated technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT but these kinds of advanced mobile apps need internal memory storage.

Cloud computing could address the recurring problem of internal storage. Remote servers will have the storage space required to seamlessly run an app that can be accessed via cloud computing without compromising your device's internal memory.

The benefits of using Cloud-based Apps:

  • Secure functioning across multiple devices
  • Saving money on hosting
  • Much more computing power
  • Better storage and loading capacity
  • Increasing user retention
  • Streamlining operations

Including Google Drive and Dropbox, which have become very common software trends, the number of cloud-based mobile apps is increasing.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In 2019, an increasing number of mobile apps have been integrating AR and VR features and trends, and these app trends will not soon disappear. Using AR / VR apps, the real-world environment can be improved by digital objects, enhancing the user experience.

New developments in application VR & AR will be ongoing this year with practical applications, such as object estimation, navigation, training, indoor architecture, and user manuals.

With the support of the ARCore platform, Google plans to partner with Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other companies to develop all kinds of AR apps.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning   

Mobile apps development firms focussed mainly on artificial intelligence and machine learning while many businesses including Google & Apple have successfully seen their applications. This led to an increased emphasis on the recruitment of mobile app developers to mobile apps for artificial intelligence and computer teaching.

Some of the popular examples are:

  • Chatbots and virtual personal assistants
  • Motion and facial detection apps for surveillance systems
  • Financial forecasting solutions
  • Medical software that helps determine the diagnosis and suggests treatment
  • Speech recognition apps used for gaming, entertainment, etc.
  • Recommendation engines for online shoppers or travelers

The number of mobile apps capable of understanding voice commands, analyzing textual and visually defined data, predicting user activity, and making predictions, suggestions, and decisions is growing enormously.

Thus in India, top app developers can forecast device developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other IT-centric countries.

7. Mobile Payments

In the mobile technology field, online shopping was one of the leading app trends. Customers are increasingly favoring shopping online than traditional alternatives. Since the advent of online shopping, the e-commerce industry has expanded rapidly.

Online payment consumers use credit or debit cards to make payments. But Google Wallet 's evolution, Apple Pay, etc. opened the door for other payment applications. As a consequence, new device developments in the mobile eCommerce field can be observed to allow consumers to use online applications for instant financial transactions.

In 2019, Statista 's mobile worldwide payment predictions will reach $1 trillion. There are many online shops that have deployed their unique payment solutions and integrated them.

8. Progressive Web App 

Progressive Web apps are an alternative to native mobile device development. This latest approach was introduced in 2015 and since then has become one of the popular app trends.

PWA is a website that works as an indigenous application. It runs inside a web browser that benefits from all browser features which can be enabled via a connection on any device just like a native application.

The major differences between PWA and Native Apps are:

  • No need to publish on any marketplace or app store
  • No download or installation process
  • The benefits of PWA are:
  • Faster Loading
  • Offline Usage
  • Native UX
  • No need to download an app
  • Shareable via a link
  • Compatibility with a wide range of services

Search engines such as daily websites are crawled and Indexed by PWA. PWA provides the best features of a smartphone and a desktop app. PWA loads instantly, which allows quicker response to user interactions.

9. Instant Apps 

Google has also created an application for iOS and Android phones called instant applications. The nature of the application is expressed in its name, i.e. the installation of the required content of the program.

For example, an instant application consisting of several modules that can be autonomously and without delay loaded. And the user does not need to download the whole application on a device but is only able to access a piece of content when installing other modules, if necessary.

Instant Apps technology benefits:

  • High speed of performance
  • Great UX
  • Space savings in the internal memory of gadgets
  • No need to download and install an app
  • Shareable via a link
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices

Mobile Device Security was the hottest software development subject and one of the most prominent application trends for service suppliers and consumers. In India, mobile apps are mostly focused on safety measures when designing mobile applications with integrated security features.

Blockchain is the technology that will ensure data privacy and transparency behind the security feature.


So in 2020, are you up to mobile development trends?

The above-mentioned developments in the growth of mobile apps are likely to last long in 2020. Such developments in apps have significant importance, which can push the limits to the mobile app space.

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