Data Science: YouTube is not only the imperial of digital entertainment but it has also become a wide platform for learning. It is a huge forum for both Education and Entertainment. In just a simple click you will be able to watch any tutorial and videos as per your need.

Whether it is an entertainment video or any course-related videos, you can watch it without any limitation. For watching the video over Youtube you do not have to pay a single amount as a subscription. It’s all free for you to watch and learn and this is the best thing about it.

People prefer to invest their time on that platform which offers free services. Youtube does the same and this makes it unique from others. So, except for the currency, you only need to pay your valuable time watching your favorite videos as per the need. The only thing to remember about YouTube is to make sure what videos you are watching, its content, category, etc.

You should know how to use it wisely, and carefully. Make sure to watch videos from which you actually gain something useful and that adds value to your life.

Data Science - YouTube

top 20 data science youtube channels you must subscribe- in 2020
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With the Covid-19 outbreak keeping everyone in their house, People have got several ways to keep themselves engaged.

Learning a new skill and spending time with the family is a new routine for people. This lockdown is the perfect time to start learning something new and different. When we talk about new skills Data Science always stands in the first place.

The Data Science Field is growing and is playing a huge role in our life and society. So, instead of reading a book, watch youtube videos and learn through it. It's been seen that a person learns easily through a video rather than a book.

The internet is flooding with Data Science online courses with questionable prices, most of which are not reliable and are just marketing tactics.

Here, YouTube will be a reliable and easily accessible platform for all complex topics.

In this article I have listed all the top 20 YouTubers you should follow in 2020. To learn about programming, Machine learning, AI, Data Science, and many more. So, follow these YouTubers and gain understanding and guidance from their years of experience in the field.

List of Top Data Science YouTubers

1. Tech With Tim

Tim is the owner and creator of the YouTube channel "Tech with Tim".

Tech with Tim is a great YouTube channel where you will get all the information, ideas, and knowledge about Machine Learning.

He is a brilliant programmer who teaches about Python programming, Game Development, Pygame, Java tutorials, and all about Machine Learning. He shares all his knowledge through his videos and educates people for free. Tech With Tim provides top-notch coding tutorials on Python.

2. Sentdex

Sentdex is one of the best Python Programming tutorials provider channels on YouTube. He shares top videos related to Python.

Beyond the basic videos, Sentdex is providing advanced tutorials on Python. So, if you are interested in machine learning, web development, finance, data analysis, robotics, game development, and more then do watch his channel.

3. Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer is focused on making tutorials and detailed procedures for software developers, programmers, and engineers. He creates tutorials from beginner to advanced levels.

Covers several topics such as Python, JavaScript, SQL, Git, Terminal Commands, and various tricks to aid you in your career.

4. Python Programmer

Giles McMullen-Klein is the owner of the Python Programmer channel. On the Python Programmer channel, you will get all Python-related content. That includes tutorials on Python, Data Science, Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), and other stuff too.

You will also get an idea about the skills and the best learning resources.


5. Yugasa Software Labs

Yugasa is a top-class software development services provider across the world. They deliver premium software solutions to clients of every size.

Through this Youtube channel, Yugasa provides various informative videos. That includes Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Python Programming, and all detailed knowledge about software development outsourcing. The latest technical trends existing in the market And answers to all general queries also include in these videos.


6. Keith Galli

Keith Galli is an MIT Graduate. He creates educational videos on Computer Science, Programming, Board Games, etc. You can get advanced knowledge about all computer programming through his videos.


7. David Langer

David Langer focuses on providing top-class educational videos on all parts of Data Science. His videos cover the whole lifecycle of a Data Mining project. That includes data wrangling, data cleaning, data exploration, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning.

The channel mainly focuses on the R programming language and its packages that are useful to Data Scientists. The packages include dplyr, caret, ggplot2, randomForest, and rpart.


8. Edureka

Edureka is an e-learning platform. It offers a lot of learning videos covering several topics. The channel provides tutorials and walkthroughs on topics like Data Science, Big Data & Hadoop, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Spark, Python, Selenium, Tableau, Digital Marketing and many more.

9. 365 Data Science

365 Data Science channel is determined to help data science enthusiasts who are locked when it comes to qualifications and credibility. It was created by a group of friends.

This channel provides the most accessible and intuitive data science materials to its viewers.

10. CS Dojo

CS Dojo YouTube channel is created by YK Sug. He is a Toronto-based software developer and data scientist. He has experience at various software companies, including Google and Microsoft.

CS Dojo provides videos about programming and computer science.

11. Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo channel is committed to teaching data science to everyone.

They offer 5-day training in any location worldwide. In the Data Science Dojo channel, you will get different kinds of tutorials, talks, and courses on data science and engineering.

12. Springboard

The Springboard YouTube channel produces videos with Data Scientists from top companies such as Google, Uber, Airbnb, etc.

These videos will help you get a glimpse of data scientists and valuable advice to apply in life.

13. Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp is a great non-profit organization and open-source community. They are a collection of resources that supports people to learn code for free and build their own projects.

They create top-class videos related to programming and computer science. FreeCodeCamp offers free videos to every person who wants to learn about coding and projects.

14. Andreas Kretz

Andreas Kretz is a Data engineer and creator of his YouTube channel. He helps to get into data engineering, the channeling of data science. He also supports building up big data platforms.

In his YouTube channel, he does live streams on Data Science. Provides tutorials and strategy videos on data engineering, and Q&A videos about data engineering with Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, and more.

15. Data School

Kevin Markham is the founder of Data School. He has experience in teaching Data Science using Python programming to many students online and offline too.

Data School is engaged to help beginners to learn the correct skill and focus on its master topics. This channel covers top-class tutorials that are for all skill levels.


16. Data Camp

By utilizing Data, DataCamp helps companies to answer challenging questions. The channel facilitates complete tutorials that support students to learn and gain skills from the world’s top data scientists.

They have experience educating more than 3.1 million people around the world at organizations such as Nielsen and REI.


17. Data Dash

Data Dash YouTube channel provides videos related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science. And detects global trends with the latest analysis techniques. Basically, Data Dash is a one-stop solution for all things related to data analytics and science, and many more.


18. Data Professor

Chanin Nantasenamat, associate Professor of Bioinformatics at a research university. In this research university, he runs a research laboratory that uses data science for exposing the hidden knowledge of big data in medicine.

Through this channel, he offers great content tutorials, explaining concepts, as well as answering questions about big data. Data Professor's main goal is to help students to learn about data science and build the ability to make sense of data.


19. 3 Blue1 Brown

Grant Sanderson is the founder of the 3blue1brown channel. 3blue1brown is a combination of math and entertainment, depending on the inclination.

The goal of the channel is to use animation to explain to the viewer the complex mathematical concepts. Through it, he wants to help them to see things from a different point of view.

20. Joma Tech

Joma Tech makes videos to help people to get into the tech industry.

He is an experienced developer and worked in a big tech company as a data scientist and software engineer.

He creates videos and talks about life in Silicon Valley, big tech companies, data science, and software engineering.

These are the list of top 20 Data Science YouTube channels in 2020. Through these channels, you can get valuable information and knowledge about DataScience, Machine Learning(ML), and Artificial Intelligence(AI). So, do subscribe to the channels and take the benefit of your free time.