Books For AngularJS: Developers keep searching options about the best technology that is available in the market and has potential to grow. Not surprising that AngularJS has become one of the most sort after technology by these digital artists trying to learn the new technique for their art. This article takes a small step in helping these developers by letting them know about the top five books available for them to learn AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating powerful client-side apps. It is created and maintained by Google and an open-source developer community. It is rapidly influencing the future of dynamic single-page applications. Many successful apps, such as Betrend and Punch Play, have made AngularJS a preferred choice because there are numerous AngularJS Tools and AngularJS Directives accessible for developers to use to create various types of apps. Because of the abundance of materials available on the internet, such as video lectures, text tutorials, e-books, and more, learning new technology has become relatively simple. However, selecting the appropriate resource can be difficult. The majority of them are incomplete, while many others are neither authentic nor useful. This article takes a small step in helping these developers by letting you know about the top five books available for them to learn AngularJS.

Pro AngularJS by Adam Freeman - Books For AngularJS

Worked with CSS, HTML and JavaScript before? If you have the experience with these software then Pro AngularJS is the book you should be reading next to master yourself with AngularJS. The explanation is very detailed and helps you understand the architecture of the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern in order to separate presentation code, data and logic. With this book, you can also learn to customize and extend AngularJS.

Enhanced productivity with Structured Web Apps

This is a book written by Shyam Seshadri and Brad Green. This is the best book available for beginners in AngularJS. It will help one learn from the basic level to the advanced level with practical guide for each step. It uses meta framework. Once you are through with this book you will be able to work on large, performing and maintainable application with AngularJS.

Books For AngularJS - AngularJS Web Application Cookbook

Tried many books for AngularJS, but didn’t find anything that interests you? Well look no further! This book written by Matt Frisbie, has more than 90 hands-on recipes that can help you build a very efficient application. It is the simplest book available in the market for AngularJS and a very powerful tool in this field! This is not a JavaScript Cook-Book. This book is best suited for those who have a fundamental knowledgeable about AngularJS.

AngularJS programming by example

Agus Kurniawan has very elaborately explained about AngularJs with sample code illustrations. This book has all the required information about AngularJS starting from preparation of development environment for AngularJS programming. The development tools are also very well described in this book. The examples given in it help retain the interest of the users and also make them understand the concepts very easily.

AngularJS UI Development

Amit Ghart and Matthias Nehlsen have together put the best efforts to bring you this wonderful book that will help one design, customize, build and deliver the real world applications built on AngularJS. Every small detail about AngularJS is very well illustrated in this book and hence it is rated very high among people interested in learning AngularJS. This book will ensure that you become acquainted with AngularJS at all levels.

There are certainly many other digital platforms to undergo a crash course on AngularJS basics to advance. and are two excellent websites who can help you learn faster and in an interesting manner.


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