Farm Management Software: In the tech era, farming has turned out to be a profitable niche for business owners. After all, the agriculture industry is leveraging companies to drive money into and making them yield profit. Like other sectors, the farming sector is facing challenges such as limited resources. But, thanks to advanced technology, farmers can deal with all issues related to the agriculture industry without any hassle.  The technological advancements in the agriculture industry have brought many unique developments in producing sectors. Farming equipment, meteorological sensors, and other devices help farmers create a striking effect in a reduced timeframe. Even many small-scale agriculture trades embrace farm management software for proper management of the farmland and benefit from the same.  There are lots of software for farm management available in the market, so the right software for the farming sector is the farmers' primary concern. Here we will discuss the top 5 farm management software solutions that change the face of agriculture in 2021. Before that, you need to know about the farm management system and choose it for better understanding. 

What is farm management software?

If you want to manage and optimize your farm operations and production activities without any hassle, farm management software is the best solution. It helps in automating, monitoring, and analyzing farm activities such as record management and data storage. This software is also helpful in streamlining production and work schedules. 

Why choose farm management software for your farming land?

The reports show that the global farm management software market is expected to grow by 7.6% by 2021. So, if you are a farmer and confused about whether or not you should go with reliable farm management software in 2021, here are some convincing reasons point listed:
  • It integrates business and operation to improve efficiency
  • It helps in monitoring activities in real-time
  • It results in effective cost management
  • It offers the best production and operations
  • It tracks and measures field activities to boost productivity.
No need to mention that farming is a highly specialized activity in the agriculture industry. This is the reason why you should be careful when selecting the software for handling and managing these activities. Let's have a look.

The best free farm management software in 2021

# 1 - Agrivi

If you are a farmer looking for the best way to improve productivity and profitability, Agrivi is the right choice! This software makes planning, tracking, and monitoring different farm activities effortless and straightforward. It allows you to handle different types of procedures like planting, watering, fertilization, harvesting, and many more as per the farm size and production types.  As a farmer, you can track inventory, avoid waste, prevent stockouts, and manage resources with this farm management system. Agrivi is perfect for effective production, advanced sales, expense tracking, and farm finances controls. It includes weather and soil health tracking options and stock controlling features that make Agrivi the best free farm management software in 2021.

#2 - Granular

An intuitive app helps farmers to improve teamwork efficiency and simplify farmland research & transactions. Granular combines the farmers' experience, expert gardener knowledge, data from scientists, and advanced business and entrepreneurs' technical insights.  This software allows convenient crop planning via crafting strategies for each field separately, estimating optimal water requirements and weather affect forecasting. This farm management system can manage many data and present real-time analytic reports for well-timed decisions. 

# 3 - Farmlogic

As a farm record-keeping software, Farmlogic allows keeping track of farm and service records, GPS mapping of the fields, soil sampling, and scouting. It helps to facilitate farmers' up-to-date decisions by putting the whole farm in the pocket. Practical and straightforward, this far management system includes a massive pesticide database and allows careful analysis and recommendations for accurate fertilizer app due to soil test features.

# 4 - Conservis

Being cloud-based, Conservis perfectly facilitates enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the farming business. This software can provide farm activities and asset visualization in real-time. The integration with the tools creates operating scenarios and analysis of the harvesting processes as well as budgeting. This software provides planning and budgeting solutions and offers production tracking, scheduling, and book-keeping, and crop management. 

#5 - FarmERP

One of the most innovative and popular, FarmERP is highly popular for farming, supply chain, and financial data management. It also helps many farming companies in getting an objective of profitable and sustainable agribusiness. Highly scalable and future-ready, this innovative agriculture management system consists of contract farming, production, inventory, purchase, and post-production. This intelligent agriculture management software possesses powerful inbuilt capabilities to solve all functions of farming businesses. On top of that, it provides an advanced level of analytics to support business decisions.  So, monitoring crop health and streamlining all farm activities has become easier than ever with the above-mentioned innovative farm management software. Whether it is about managing complicated farming operations or real-time crop harvesting, the comprehensive range of farm management software enables crop growers to enhance production efficiency.  If you struggle to choose the right software to boost your agribusiness, get in touch with a dedicated mobile app development company like Yugasa.

How can Yugasa help in farm management software development?

At Yugasa, we provide farm management software and scalable ERP solutions for crop planning, reporting, farming machinery maintenance, and managing farming activities. We have a dedicated team of land management app developers with significant agricultural industry experience and perfect knowledge of building world-class solutions for farming operations. So, when you get in touch with us, our experts put their complete efforts into delivering user-friendly and intuitive apps for managing your different farming activities. We also change ERP agriculture management software with features to improve livestock and crops' farm calendar.  Whether you want to know more about farm management software or need reliable apps for your farming and agribusinesses, contact us today!