Features For Business: The most important thing for a business in this modern era is to have a website. Without having a website every business now is totally incomplete. Only having a website is not enough though. The major task is to get a catchy URL. The URL should make sense to your business.

Once a domain is a setup the real task starts. The major task of building the website. The major features that a website must have to attract the consumers are listed below.

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top 5 features every business portal should have
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The major problem in business is the fact that they build a website that they like not the one that they actually need. Keeping text to a minimum while writing the mission statement. Elaborated missions can be boring to consumers. You should have your business basic information on the website. Don’t get confused about what your major focus is. Depending on your business type you should have some attractive pictures. The picture should not be too dark or too bright. If possible you can have a short video about your business on your website. Don’t forget to write a proper address and also the contact details.

Clear Navigation

One of the crucial tasks of a business website is to have clear navigation. If you really want more and more consumers to reach you, you must have clear and understandable navigation. It’s important to use an easy and logical names for various pages of your website. Don’t try to be clever, just try to keep the basics correct. While developing a navigation one should consider a call on the action. What should a consumer be able to do on your website? Do you want them to place an order or email order or email a query or speak to a customer care specialist? Thus, being clear about navigation is very important.


The real concern of any business is always security. All the website should have proper security. If your website is especially selling online, site security becomes a major concern. Your website should be secured with an SSL certificate. The SSL will encrypt the communication between you and your client. This decreases the fear of getting credit cards details or payment details stolen. There are so many identity thefts and data thefts happening across the world. So proper security is a must to gain the trust of the consumer.

Social Media Integration

It is not necessary to talk about the craze of social media sites among people. Many businesses are applying the strategies to advertise their business on social media platforms. There are many social media platforms available nowadays. You should promote your site in such sites. People spend more time on social media platforms than anywhere else. So attracting people is really easy here. Integrating these social media platforms with your website will boost your SEO and also improve your business.

Having a mobile-ready version

Smartphones and tablets have become a major part of our lives. Most of the people are having a smartphone or a tablet. Individuals prefer to surf more on phones rather than computers. Director of Bing for mobile says that 70 percent of task completion happens within an hour in mobile sites. You should use responsive website design so that you can use fluid widths that can adapt to any screen on which browsed. Make layouts adjustable and use scalable images to make a better web experience. Thus, you can use Mobify and many other tools to create mobile versions for your website.

A business can only grow if all the requirements are fulfilled. And having a website is also a requirement. This website should be of a good standard so that it can attract consumers. Above are some really basic and important features to include in your website and to increase your business.