Food Delivery Apps in India: Ordering foods online have been a recent trend of comfort. Especially in recent times, when the pandemic struck the entire world.

People were forbidden from going out but the cravings never stopped. So, some of the well-known Food Delivery Apps in India took the effort to get you your favorite foods in the most healthy and hygienic ways.

This lockdown was a very difficult moment for us all. Our stomach growls even more as we sit at home all day. It can get incredibly tiring and tedious to cook every day.

All of us miss the rare secret ingredients that make it so enticing to use in restaurant dishes. We want to relax and eat the meal instead of making it, again. Sometimes we all deserve some rest.

It’s awesome how you can just dream of your favorite meal, order it online, and all you have to do is wait for your doorstep to arrive. So, here’s a list of the top 5 food delivery apps available in India.

1. Zomato

One of the most used food ordering applications is Zomato. It was originally named in 2008 as ‘Foodiebay’. For purchases from the best restaurants around you, it’s an online exploration market.

Zomato operates its offerings in 25 different countries. It makes it easy for you to sit back at home and browse for some cuisine, restaurant, or even dish you want!

You will check for menus, restaurant/dish photos, directions, map views, contact information, and various filters.

One can still score, evaluate, and provide the restaurant with reviews. You may now become a part of Gold and get discounts of up to 40%, 1+1 on rice, and 2+2 on beverages.

2. Shupple – Food Delivery Apps in India

Your lifesaver during this lockdown is Shupple. It encourages you to get access to your local shops and restaurants that are important. In India and Australia, Shupple is available, covering over 85000+ products and 4000+ labels.

It has made it to the center of its clients. It covers a diverse variety of shops, restaurants, and services. Shupple is also home to the tastiest cafes, fast food, and restaurants in the neighborhood.

A special customer experience is provided through brand partners. Partners have the potential to supply their faithful clients with exclusive payment and credit services.

It also provides discounts and rewards, safe payment, and product exploration. From Continental, Chinese, American, Italian, to Gujarati and Mughlai, it has all the cuisines you crave.

Among consumers and brand shops, Shupple has seen an improved acceptance rate. In many ways, they helped micro-businesses during the pandemic lock-down phase.

They provided them with free use of the platform. A special COVID campaign by Shupple, FANS (Friends and Neighborhood Stores).

It facilitated contactless online shopping through citizen volunteers between local communities and shops. Shupple’s uniqueness makes it a simple tool for food shopping that needs to be in the go-to applications.

Find and order your favorite delicacies on this easy-to-use app, as well as other foody delights. Get fast delivery right at your doorstep, with the bonus of monitoring your order online.

3. Swiggy

Many people choose Swiggy to have their meals ordered. Online, one can still watch their food.

It gives you the value of fantastic deals and discounts that you can use and get a minimal price tag This means you can call as many people as you want!

One also has other filters, such as kitchens, deals, the timing of arrival, ratings, and cost for two.

In this app, different payment types are acceptable, making it easy for consumers to pay however they wish.

If it’s cash on delivery or debit and credit cards for online payment. What you need to do is type in and pick your order at your place.

This enables its service in India with a huge love and welcome from the people!

4. FoodPanda – Food Delivery Apps in India

One of the main food distribution networking applications is FoodPanda. It was founded by Rohit Chadda, Kiren Tanna, Ben Bauer, Felix Plog, and Ralf Wenzel in March 2012.

It is used in 40 countries, including virtually all of India’s cities. Their headquarters are based in Berlin, Germany.

The best thing about the app is that there is always an alternative and a backup for you! There are over 1,15,000+ restaurants that are so wonderful… Anything you want, you can order from anywhere!

To fulfill the needs of the consumer, all forms of payment mechanisms are acceptable. This guarantees quick distribution.

5. UberEats

One of the most used taxi services that took a flyer by having the UberEats app was the Uber app. UberEats is a subsidiary opportunity that this business took, which turned out to work well.

Its head office is located in San Francisco, California. It was discovered in August 2014. Along with over 50,000,000 downloads, it’s ranked 4.2. The app offers you the luxury of selecting the food you want, at your convenience!

With live monitoring of your distribution, all forms of payments are available! It is not only used in India but also in 13 other countries and more than 50 cities.

This app was also picked as an “Editor’s Choice” from Google Play and became part of User’s Choice’s “Best of 2018 Awards”.

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