IOS Development: Every developer usually expects some revenue from the app. Revenue can be generated by monetizing the app. Monetization demands proper planning during the development process. If one avoids some common mistakes during app planning, good revenue can be generated from the iOS app. It is essential to avoid these mistakes to increase revenue generation:

Creating platform-independent apps - IOS Development

top 5 mistakes in ios development that kill monetization
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The most common mistake made by iOS developers is that they build platform-independent apps. It is necessary to keep the app centered on iOS as the monetization policies of iOS and Android are different. The app plan should focus only on iOS rather than on multiple platforms.

Designing for more than one platform

Focusing on multiple platforms at a time means underestimating the strengths of iOS platform. When the developer dedicates his development to a single platform at a given time, the app will be developed faster with all the features. This will attract more users making the developer achieve his end goal more easily.

IOS Development - Planning monetization by treating all platforms the same

Developers can design a user-friendly app that can use all the features of different platforms but they experience problems during monetization. Although there are a lot of guidelines and restrictions regarding the platforms owned by Apple, there are tons of benefits in the case of monetization.

Underestimating the importance of engagement

Engagement of app users plays a vital role in the monetizing process. If the end goal is monetization then users must be engaged in order to get more benefits from monetization. If there is no one to see and click on the advertisements then even the best of monetizing techniques will fail. So, there should be additional features and the latest quality content in the app to keep the app users engaged. Every developer should take care of this while designing the app as the content is king these days.

Lack of understanding about Ads

It is essential to plan properly for advertisements during the designing process of the app. The user should not face any difficulty interacting with the app when ads are displayed on the app. The content and display of the app should not be affected by the loaded Ads.

Ads can create a user-friendly experience when they complement the app style. On the other hand, they can also make the app look grubby if generic buttons or banners are used. Developers should think creatively and plan for ads.

Neglecting performance data

Many developers make this mistake of not monitoring the performance of different features of their apps. This means that they have no idea about the poor performance or unexpected behaviour of some features of their app. Thus, they cannot make any changes to improve the performance of the app. So, developers should keep an eye on the performance data and analytics of the app after the launch to optimize it. This helps in improving the app for better user experience.

Not planning for blocking Ads

The popularity of ad-blocking solutions has severely affected advertising companies. Apple also allows disabling of banners in their native apps by third party programs. So, developers should adopt a creative approach to handle these ad-blocking programs by focusing primarily on user experience first and advertising techniques later. The fact that Apple removes the app which focuses on the advertisement of any kind of services or products should not be neglected. Developers should plan carefully and then design the app so that it doesn’t get removed by Apple.

These are the most common mistakes made by iOS developers. So, iOS developers should try to avoid these mistakes while developing their apps so that they can generate more revenue by monetizing their app.