Mobile App Launch Mistakes in 2020: With the growth in the mobile world, the number of applications is also increasing and flooding in the market.

Mobile applications have become popular all over and managing our daily works without a hitch in every aspect of our life.

The demand for different mobile applications for every distinct business is rising in the market. This is happening with the ability to pick customer’s concerns by using the latest technology. This will also ease their work.

Mobile application development can be a lucrative business across the world and a high profit earning field.

Last Year there were 205 billion mobile app downloads and as per researchers, mobile applications are expected to generate $189 Billion in revenue by the year 2020.

As the everyday new mobile app is coming in the market, you can fastly finish downloads by launching a competitive and powerful mobile application. So, you should keep a few things in mind while developing mobile applications. These are:

A huge amount of people dump the mobile app after use. The second thing is people mostly investing their time in social media platforms these days.

Therefore, it's crucial to know what factors are responsible for the failure of several apps? As per the current scenario, it can be understood that people are developing their apps without any useful ideas and requirements.

It's very essential that a mobile app is developed with an effective idea and demands. Also, it is developed properly as per the requirement otherwise they can fail due to their pre-launch and post-launch inadequacy.

There are some common mistakes before and after the mobile app launch that can fail the idea of development and diminish the app’s growth and revenue. Therefore, we will see all those top common mistakes which can harm your mobile app success.

Mistakes to be Avoided Before and After the App Launch - Mobile App Launch Mistakes in 2020

top 7 common mistakes to avoid before and after-a mobile app launch in 2020
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The Mobile Application Development process passes through many stages.

These go from Requirement analysis to designing, then getting a relevant app development technology, framework, and platform, to testing, and finally the App Launch stage.

So, to make your app successful, these are some common mistakes that should be avoided before and after the launch of the mobile app. By avoiding these top 7 common mistakes, you can save your precious time, your money and remove a lot of your distress.

  1. Choosing a Wrong Platform for Development.
  2. Poor Market Research for Mobile app launch
  3. Inadequate App Store Optimization
  4. Insufficient Beta Testing
  5. Missing the Pre-Launch Campaign
  6. Not giving sufficient Focus on Customer Support
  7. Not Releasing Updates.

1.Choosing a Wrong Platform for Development

App development platforms like iOS and Android, App idea, Business requirements, and Target audience all are crucial factors at the time of development. Choosing the right platform for your mobile app development is one of them. A wrong development platform can fail your app motive.

So, It’s important to choose an appropriate platform for your app before the development.

You will have to choose one platform over the other for better performance. Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms along with a few others.

Android keeps over 80% of the market share, and that’s why many organizations choose it.

Android is a perfect platform for most of the applications and it is the most reachable platform from others. It gains maximum outreach for an app with a high-value audience. Besides that, for aiming centered and loyal users that use the iOS platform, you can choose the iOS platform for development.

If you want to go for both platforms, you can go but remember it will charge you accordingly to the platform. So, it's better to go with that platform that will provide you the best effect and more users at the initial time.

Gently, it will be determined by the downloaded app category because choosing a platform before the development process is essential for your cross-platform app development. However, you will have to decide this before hiring the mobile app development company. So, that you can let them know about your requirement and they can understand your requirements and market demands.

2. Poor Market Research for Mobile app launch

top 7 common mistakes to avoid before and after-a mobile app launch in 2020
Image Credit: Pexels

For a mobile application, market research is a perceivable factor when talking about digital media and website loading time for a device. Before launching the application into the market, you need to be aware of the market scenario.

You need to be familiar with user preferences, their requirements, and expectations from an app function while launching the application. These all can only be known by researching the market approach. The application must manage structurally before starting with the development phase and project planning.

Actually, the app launch plan should be fixed by keeping the target audience in mind based upon suitable channels and marketing parts. Another thing is that users have a huge range of apps and also the right to select the apps similar to yours, so it is vital to do research thoroughly before going ahead.

3. Inadequate App Store Optimization - Mobile App Launch Mistakes in 2020

Like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), App Store Optimization (ASO) enhances the app’s visibility and helps to reach a broader audience. Both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store offer this opportunity.

It includes using the most relevant and search-friendly keywords in the app description, title, and app-related content.

App store optimization can drive to a higher number of downloads and enhanced revenue.

If you are planning for content marketing to enhance app visibility, both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store will work well for marketplaces. Mainly, App store optimization assists in increasing the awareness of your app business with related keywords and all search-terms.

It guarantees user purchase growth and enhanced user retention. App Store Optimization(ASO) also supports to boost an application for building organic backlinks, better user perspective, and convince users to review and rate the app. Therefore, focus on App Store Optimization to make sure that your app is easily discovered by your potential clients.

4. Insufficient Beta Testing

In the development process, there are two types of testing are performed that is Before app launch and after app launch testing. Before app launch testing is done by the developers in every aspect.

By keeping users in mind during the testing you can avoid last-minute errors or changes that can get done by beta testing.

A beta-testing helps the developers to rate an app intensity that will make the app solution better than others. In the final stage of the app development process, Beta testing is performed. It contains testing an app that is almost finished for the development.

It will help you to fix the errors that were missed during the internal testing.

Internal testing captures most of the app bugs but some of them may slip during the process.

During beta testing, issues like poor design, lag, and security problems can be caught and fixed. You can avoid bad reviews and offer users a great app experience by holding a complete beta testing and fixing the problems.

It can help your app receive early positive feedback and high ratings, which can help it to enhance the download numbers.

5. Missing the Pre-Launch Campaign

Missing the pre-launch marketing campaign can drive to slow finding and minimum downloads of the app. So, you should not skip the pre-launch campaign, it will prevent apps from creating buzz and hype. During the campaign, the app undergoes various marketing techniques that decide the future of the app.

Irrespective of how interesting your app is, without a powerful pre-launch marketing campaign, your app may not get an appropriate opening. To do the promotion of your app, you can choose from a great range of options like radio ads, web ads, promotional events, and more.

Social media marketing is in trend and highly effective and economical too, so you can also do this. But, make sure that your app gets enough attention from each customer.

6. Not giving sufficient Focus on Customer Support

Customer support is the factor that gains focus after the service. h2 customer support, service, and ease of operation are essential to attract and retain customers. Even if the app is amazing, user involvement ensures the customers' loyalty.

This is highly essential for apps related to shopping, transport, software development, etc. The asked queries should be answered with a good response.

An app will go long and will be successful if you will offer great customer support. If you will properly Interact with users, listen to queries, and provide all needed solutions the app will lead to success.

Launching an app and offering useful features are not sufficient to keep customers reliable. Several organizations are enjoying their popularity by kindly supporting their customers.

7. Not Releasing Updates - Mobile App Launch Mistakes in 2020

Updating a mobile application holds an app alive and grows with current market trends. Lack of updates can transform the app into boring and shows that the developer is neglecting and not working on the app.

To work on some bugs and to make it more capable is the motive of a timely update release. The app launch is the initial phase towards the journey of an app being successful. Continuous updates and fixes are the important aspects of an application that makes a user fall in love with your application.

The regular release of updates will keep you a step ahead from competitors. Also, it helps to meet your user concerns with proper value additions and needed changes.


Mobile application development has huge potential throughout the global market. Factors like user involvement, error fixing, addressing the issues, optimizing app performance, enhancing user experience, removing difficulties can all assist in making the app successful and productive.

The mobile application sector is ready to experience the enormous growth in the coming future.

Do focus on the best practices and avoid the common obstacles that will ensure your mobile application growth.

The expert team of mobile app developers works as a pillar for an application that helps to make the app the next successful mobile app. Connect with us and make your mobile app successful without any mistake.