Responsive Website: You may have heard the term responsive design, which has become very mainstream nowadays.

A responsive website utilizes different page components like flexible pictures, flexible layouts, and media questions.

Such sites can automatically recognize the user's device and they change themselves according to the screen size which is accessible on the desktop or mobile or tablet. 

There are more than 3 billion smartphone users, subsequently, Responsive Website there is a requirement for responsive design.

Individuals are more comfortable with admittance to the internet on their phones as opposed to computers and laptops.

In the previous few years, the greater part of the searches is done from smartphones. 

why is there always a fluff about whether the responsive design is required or not? 

Indeed, the appropriate answer is very easy, websites with any screen size offer the site an ideal view insight.

Henceforth, here is the top 7 reasons why your business needs a responsive website: 

1. Gets you in Google’s Good Books - Responsive Website

Google is the biggest search engine in the world alongside being the most famous website ever.

Google keeps on positioning no.1 on Alexa rankings with striking consistency and doesn't have any possible danger to its numero uno position as the website getting a lot of Internet traffic, sooner rather than later. 

Google given its breaking size and scale is the conspicuous choice for businesses to engage organic traffic to their websites.

Subsequently, it is basic to concentrate on Google and how it functions. Google keeps up that a responsive website is an extraordinary way to pull in mobile users and supports mobile-optimized websites while showcasing results when searches are made through a mobile phone. 

2. Reduction in the Bounce Rate

Your plan of action may be incredible and your business strategy may be more prominent than that, yet on the off chance that the Google ranking isn't in your favor, your bounce rate may be high. 

Google is the biggest and the top search engine are known to mankind. It keeps up the responsive website is an extraordinary way for the users to pull in different smartphone users and uphold mobile-optimized websites.

Google ranks the mobile responsive higher than different searches as it sees around 100 billion searches every day which is made using mobile phones. 

3. Websites Load Faster - Responsive Website

Responsive websites are lost quicker than other websites and their stacking time is consistently under 3 seconds, which is the favored standard in the contemporary hi-tech web world.

They are a lot quicker than websites built explicitly for the desktop and online businesses are missing out on unmistakably more than they understand, by not getting responsive website design for their websites. 

Amid quickly declining abilities to focus and the increasing impatience of web users, not having a responsive website and hoping to extend activities is imprudent.

The quicker your website's heap, the more they will be liked by the visitors, and the more they are loved by the visitors and the more is the opportunity of the visitors changing over into clients.

It likewise limits to an easy user experience, of which responsive website design stays at the center. 

4. Simple to Manage, High Conversion Rate

The curve towards the responsive design is more of a choice as opposed to a need. It is effectively manageable is one of the main advantages.

There are a lot of SEO campaigns that must be managed for each sort which is relatively less proficient and gainful also. 

mobile websites help in addition to your online visibility which at last has a solid CTA. This aids in increased business requests which further prompts a high conversion rate. 

5. Excellent User Experience

The responsive design brings with them a large number of advantages and the equivalent isn't limited to a superior online experience when a site is gotten to from a mobile phone.

It brings about an in general better user experience, paying little heed to the screen or size of the device.

At the point when the content itself adjusts to the screen size of the device, users don't need to work around with zooming and evading alternatives, which builds their liking towards the website. 

It prompts them to invest more time on the website by drastically decreasing bounce rates.

67% of online users are relied upon to purchase products and services from mobile websites on the off chance that they have managed how to have a beneficial outcome on them, and that is the place where most of the online businesses seem, by all accounts, to be focusing on. 

6. Effortless Manageability 

There are various advantages of responsive websites and they are not simply limited to the conspicuous ones, which are more obvious on a superficial level than the others.

The liking for most online businesses towards responsive websites is more out of choice than out of need. 

There are huge numbers of advantages of responsive websites and simpler manageability is one of them.

For online businesses, overseeing separate desktop and mobile websites is an excessive amount of problem.

Separate Google Adwords and SEO campaigns must be managed for every site type which is lesser proficient and profitable than managing a single solitary website.

7. Responsive Design gives an Edge - Responsive Website

It may give you an edge over those contenders who haven't moved such a design. As per a website study, countless small and medium organizations still not have embraced responsive website design.

You can unquestionably get a lead by receiving this. Particularly for small online businesses, there is an enormous serious edge to be leverage as over 90% of these businesses don't have a responsive website design. 


Responsive website design isn't only a trend, it is the need of the hour. It is viewed as the fate of websites in a world brimming with digitalization.

You may lose an immense amount of organic traffic and likely customers if the website doesn't offer all the features in the smartphone. Contact Yugasa Software Labs for a responsive website for your business.