Cross-Platform Application: If we see the downloading records of the year 2019 then according to research there are 204 billion apps downloaded and it is predicted that within five years it will be around 500 billion. 

If we see then we will find that customer needs are also changing and they also prefer apps for their different use.

Due to this change and innovating technologies, software development companies are working globally for the customers. They are providing innovative, technology-driven, and result-orientated solutions. 

IT sector has worked a lot for cross-platform mobile app development and it is the best innovation.

It also provides other benefits too like quicker development time, uniformity, easier implementation, and larger market coverage to the businesses, thus seen as one of the best technologies to go for mobile app development. 

Cross-Platform Application If we are looking for cross-platform technology, so many businesses has shifted to this technology.

Now the point is that choosing the right company to integrate or to build cross-platform mobile app development is very much challenging work for the companies.

So, we are here to reduce your research time, I am here with some Top Notch-Cross Application Development Companies in Delhi NCR.

First following are some parameters I followed to shortlist the top-notch cross-platform mobile app development company-

  1. Years of experience 
  2. Number of projects 
  3. Number of customers
  4. Number of employees 
  5. Top case studies

Top Notch-Cross Platform Application Development Companies in Delhi NCR

1. BizBrolly 

It is an award-winning iOS and mobile application Development Company. It solves solutions, it is reliable, it is creative, it is futuristic, and it is innovative.

It had mentioned that it is a one-stop-shop where a customer will get a solution for the web, mobile application, and cloud software engineering needs. It means that they are providing every digital facility in their company.

Its mission is to clear the path of success to the business with the help of digital platforms and applying effective software strategies, beautiful design, and world-class development.

Their team always tries to make a project or build an app that is easy to access, use, and blazing fast.

They can be tailored to the businesses so that the business can grow and reach the top in its sector. It is working globally and work for approx 100 clients all over the world. 

2. Yugasa Software Lab

It is a software development company that is working globally and satisfying its clients with the help of their services.

They are known for their cost-effectiveness. They provide their services in the best way and at a low cost so that startups can also grow themselves with the help of digital platforms.

Their main motive is not to earn profit only but the motive is to work for the clients so that their business can earn more and more profit with the technology.

They provide services in web development, mobile app development, website design, etc.

They use new and the latest technologies in their projects so that their client will not lack in this area. They had worked on approx 400 projects globally and every time they can get success in their projects.

The main thing which helps them to get success is that they first consult with their client so that they will be able to know about the thoughts of their clients.

They innovate their ideas and build the app with the facilities which their client is expecting from the project.

  • Founded in 2015
  • Location:- Gurugram, Haryana
  • Website:-

3. Plutinos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Cross-Platform Application

Plutinos technologies provide services in digital marketing, web development, graphics design, software development, etc. They are known for their creativity in the market.

They said that their creativity makes it possible that their client can be on a front foot with the other companies of the same domain. 

They help to fight with the threats and challenges of the market which are in front of modern corporations. These challenges and threats are in the market because of digitization.

They are here with very effective and hardworking experts, developers, to innovate the solutions to these threats and challenges of the business.

They mentioned that they are connecting the business to the market so that businesses can reach their target market easily all over the world.

4. Appslure

It is a trusted mobile development company in the market. Their approach is very simple and uncomplicated towards the projects.

They said that every time they face a new situation and make the solutions for that particular situation by their previous experience. 

They provide services in mobile application development, web development, digital promotion strategy, etc. they have completed about 150 projects and got positive feedback on this from their customers.

They also said that they are not perfect but they are also growing, learning, and expanding with their clients because the clients are the main part of the success of the development company.

5. DxMinds

DxMinds is a digital transformation solutions and technology services from ideation to designing and from development to deployment.

They are working from startups to large corporate and taking them to the heights in their fields. 

They have a team of experts who are deep in expertise in Artificial Intelligence, mobile development, web apps, blockchain, IoT, etc.

Their vision is to provide the best in class Digital Transformation Technology solutions to help businesses and startups to grow and to get success in the market. 

6. Grey Chain Technology

They are working on web and mobile development. They design and develop highly engaging digital experiences. They are investing in each of their client’s products ensuring a high amount of success for the companies or business. 

They are providing services in the fields of android and iOS development, wearables development, IoT, etc. They said that they are working for companies like they are working on your own.

They believe that if they will take it as their project and work on it to give 100%. This will provide the business mind-blowing applications and they will be satisfied for sure.

Thus, here we have discussed 6 top notch-cross platform mobile application development companies in Delhi NCR which will help you to hire the best cross-platform app development company at an affordable price.

This will help you to not do so much research and easy to see the top companies at a single site.