Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Every company wants to grow, and it's thrilling when the hard work pays off.  However, bringing in new talent can be difficult, especially if there isn't a process to handle the influx of resumes and applicants.  An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help you manage the hiring process better and find the right candidates for your company's requirements. Many top HR departments around the globe have adopted application tracking systems.  Nearly 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies use one. They know that an ATS can use in many ways to make HR professionals' lives easier.

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system in India (ATS) helps to streamline the recruitment process.  It automates the process of hiring, from posting job opportunities to receiving applications to hiring.  An excellent ATS or recruitment agency software can significantly improve the hiring process for both candidates and recruiters ATS has some common features, including:
  • Post your job to multiple sites easily
  • Centralized storage for applicant data
  • Automated email replies
  • Communication channels built-in
  • Communication capabilities
  • Screening for potential matches
  • Interview scheduling
  • Analytics and reporting on recruiting
  • Employer branding
  • Social sharing
  • Career pages
  • Scorecards and interview kits

Top 5 Benefits of an ATS

ATS is gaining popularity. All sizes of companies, small, medium, and large, are leveraging the benefits of ATS to improve their HR departments.  Automated tracking systems have many benefits.  They save time and money and make it easier to hire.
  • Accelerate the Recruiting Process

Applicant tracking systems reduce the time to hire, which is the time it takes to fill a job opening.  Tasks that would normally take hours, such as resume parsing or removing unqualified applicants, can be done much faster and easier with an ATS.  Automation is used to automate routine tasks like scheduling interviews and sending out notifications to candidates.  All these things add up to a time-saving opportunity. You can also hire top candidates faster than the competition.
  • Increase the quality of hire

Many ATS programs let you set pre-identified qualifications and standards to help you separate qualified candidates and prioritize the best.  It will increase the quality of your hire and allow you to identify the most qualified candidates quickly, and eliminate the waste of time dealing with those who aren't the right fit.  It allows you to make more offers for qualified applicants faster. See what HR experts have to say about balancing quality and time to hire.
  • Give a better candidate experience.

Applicant tracking saves time for HR departments, but it can also help applicants save time.  A simple and easy-to-use application makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs. It results in a more enjoyable experience.  Additionally, applicants will be more likely to complete the application process faster and easier, which will increase the talent pool available for you. Sending automated emails to candidates that allow for regular communication can greatly improve their engagement and experience.  Positive experiences are more likely for candidates to accept your job offer, reapply later, or refer others. While some job seekers may not like the idea of an ATS, it is important to remember that they might not be fully aware of its benefits.  See why applicant tracking systems should not be considered an enemy of job seekers.
  • Offer enhanced reporting

Applicant tracking systems often have reporting and analytics features that provide additional insight to help make data-driven decisions.  A hiring report is one example of the HR report that every small business should have.  ATS can determine how efficient the recruitment process is, identify the source of best candidates, track Equal Employment Opportunity information and keep management informed about candidate pipelines.
  • Reduce the Workload of HR

ATS features simplify and automate many aspects of the recruitment and hiring process.  It helps to reduce the manual labor involved in finding the right candidates.  Once you have hired and found your employees, applicant tracking systems can make it easier to manage the onboarding process.  It allows your HR team to concentrate on other important responsibilities. Conclusion No matter how big or small your company is, recruiting new talent requires time and money.  Your HR team can make the most of time and money by choosing the right ATS. Read More: TIPS FOR HIRING REMOTE WORKERS