Gmail Google Photos: Google is adding another "Save to Photos" button to Gmail which you can press to naturally save a messaged picture to Google Photos, the firm reported. The feature is rolled out to individual Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business clients throughout will be accessible close by the current "Add to Drive" button. It feels good that a company is taking the customer reviews and actually implementing them in their apps. This has been done as from June 1st hoarding of unlimited high-quality pictures and will be replaced with a 15GB cap. Significantly, any pictures transferred before the change comes into power will not tally. So, begin crushing that "Save to Photos" button and take advantage of your free transfers while they're as yet accessible. Look at our comprehensive explainer for a total overview of the progressions coming to Google Photos one month from now, including how they apply to Pixel proprietors who got free Google Photos transfers as a feature of their buy. Also, there have been some changes with the availability of the quota allotted pixel users from June 1st. The changes will be

  1. All the existing photos will be exempted out of this change in policy, therefore will stay available in high quality
  2. Uploading high-quality images are still present at this moment and will continue till the 1st of June 2021.
  3. After June, whatever you upload to your google account will be cunted to your 15 GB quota
Another development at google was the incorporation of a new storage management tool to enable users to manage their photos and videos. The tool will also help users get rid of any blurry images or big files which might be hindering users from making the best use of the storage. We will keep you updated with any other developments related to the news. Keep visiting our site for more informative blogs. Read More: GOOGLE LAUNCHES NEWS SHOWCASE FOR INDIAN NEWS INDUSTRY