The world is changing drastically in the field of technology. Technology has touched almost all the fields. It has now slowly created a buzz in home makings also. Now is the era for smart homes. A smart home is a term given for a home that uses web-association gadgets to run through remote sensing devices. The home automation or the smart home technology gives more safety, support, and reliability to the owner of the house by letting them run their home appliances smoothly. This can be done just by tapping on a smart home application installed on your smartphone or any other similar device. The best part is this technology functions as per the preference of housemates. Many companies in the world were working for smart homes projects for years. Initially, radio signals were used to send and receive commands. But now with the advancement of IoT, it is far easy to send and receive commands. Thus, IoT is used in smart homes. Today, many giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon are working day and night to build smart home appliances. Apple HomeKit and Google Home are some of the best examples of smart home appliances available in the market. With the presence of such devices, human lives have been easier and far more advanced. People get things done within seconds even without physically moving. We have seen many smart home products being developed in every phase of life. Let’s talk about some of the products that are transformed by smart home technology.


Smartphones have become so important in our lives that we can’t even imagine a second of our life without them. Today we are able to do most of our daily tasks using smartphones which were previously restricted to only some devices.

Smart Lightings:

My friend is a really lazy person. For him to just switch off a light at night or while going out was a burden. But with the development of smart lights, his life has become so easy. Smart lights detect whether there is a person in the room or not and thus turns on or off the light automatically. This has made life easier and also helped in saving electricity.

Smart Television:

All the previous televisions were such that we could not use internet on them as we do on our smartphones. But now with the development of smart television, it is possible to connect the internet on it and watch anything online. Televisions these days also have a voice or gesture recognition ability allowing the viewer to get things done using gesture or voice. This is really an interesting device to be around.

Smart Cameras:

These are the devices through which a user can easily have an eye on their homes from any part of world. These smart cams will let you see live videos or recorded video streaming of your home or office, whenever you wish. This is very helpful for security purpose. This also can be used many times to keep an eye on your children who are alone at home when you are away.

Smart ACs:

It is the worst thing to wake up to adjust or turn on or off your AC while you are sleeping. So here we have smart ACs which can turn on or off and also can adjust the temperature automatically. So there is no need to ruin your sleep or even if you forget to turn off the AC while you are away it’s not a problem if you have a smart AC. One of the most important advantages of this technology is that it will give peace to the house owner. The owner need not always worry about turning off the appliances. It also saves lots of energy and saves your money as well. Even kids or older people are safe as you don’t need to worry that them having forgotten to turn off the appliances. The most important thing is it provides great safety to housemates. Thus, IoT is playing a great role in changing a normal home into a Smart Home.