What is Triller App: This is a small video app that gives access to the creators to create short video content using different audio and visual means. It is a based application and has a similar interface to the Tiktok. The app has more than 250 million downloads and around 80 million active users. India is also an active user of the application with the highest number of downloads in the past. The app is owned by Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh and LA-based company Proxima Media. The app is launched in 2015 and since then holding such events as live streaming, mobile gaming, and pay-per-view streaming. The company is all set to get listed in the stock market with the US rules and regulations. The company is set to give tough competition to TikTok as it is ruling over this field in the market for quite a long time. The company expanded its boundaries to have a greater reach in the market. The company collaborated with SPAC(A special purpose acquisition company) which made a company face loss or no profit for the time. According to the sources the company will be getting fully registered in the market by September. The company will be holding the whole portion of stakes in the very beginning to follow the custom. It is also mentioned that if the company will see 10 percent of its stakes it can bring a profit of 500 million dollars to the investors in the direct listing rather than private fundraising. Sources also predicted that it would be around 5 billion dollars in the market. The company is all set to follow the US security and exchange policies. Triller also holds more applications in the field of media and other genres. What is Triller App, The applications are as follows Amplifi.ai and Triller fight club. The Triller fight club is a live event conducted with the partnership with Snoop Dogg on Triller TV. Triller TV consist of 65 original shows. Amplifi.ai works as a live streaming service and a marketing platform. The CEO predicted the projected revenue of 250 million dollars for the year 2021. Read More: APPLE DESIGN AWARDS 2021: INDIAN NAADSADHANA MUSIC APP IN 12 GLOBAL WINNERS