Android Clubhouse: Twitter declared today the opening up of its live audio rooms, known as Twitter Spaces, for its users on Android.

Earlier, the app was simply available to selected users on iOS following the app's beta launch in late December 2020.

The organization says that Android users will initially be restricted from joining and talking in Spaces until further notice, but won't be able to start their own chat rooms.

There has been no specific date provided by Twitter about the offering of the full scale functionality. 

The company has been working aggressively to emphasize on Twitter Spaces in the months since its beta presentation, and has been genuinely straightforward about its guide. 

A month ago, the developer team of Twitter Spaces facilitated a Space where users were welcomed to offer input, pose inquiries, and find out about what Twitter had in progress for the product in both the short term and further in the long run.

During this live chat, Twitter affirmed that Spaces would show up for Android Clubhouse users in March. 

It additionally guaranteed a fix to how it shows the audience, i.e, listeners.

The other Spaces features are being shared as they're developed and prototyped, including things like titles and portrayals, booking option, support for co-hosts and arbitrators, lists of attendees, and that's just the beginning.

Twitter has likewise refreshed the preview card that shows up in the timeline and relabeled its "captions" feature to be more precise.

The time period for providing some features like Android and scheduling options — were being guaranteed surprisingly fast.

This aggressive stance has now driven Twitter to beat its opponent Clubhouse — the application as of now leading the "social audio chat" market.

This demonstrates the kind of assets Twitter is placing into this new product, which was first reported back in November. Obviously, Twitter accepts social audio chat is a market it needs to win. 

Twitter discussed integrating its new product  Spaces, with Newsletters alongside a "Super Follow" paid membership.