Mobile App User: A number of Applications for Android and iPhone are available catering every relevant aspect in the world. Technicalities associated with mobile Application development have been discussed in our earlier blogs. Today, we will discuss Application engagement and ways to increase it further. There is no hard and fast rule for an engaging mobile Application, but there are ways, if followed, which can lead to higher engagement.

user engagement mobile app
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It is a clear strategy right from the beginning that later gives successful results. Hence, this needs to be discussed well before the release of Application or during concept building phase. When we get any idea or develop concept viability test should be conducted there and then. There are many Applications that just come and go and nobody knows about them.

If you do not wish to fade away with time then plan smartly now. One such example is Pokemon Go, when released everyone played it and next day uninstalled it and now no one even remembers it. Learning from this experience, we believe that prevention is better than cure.

Main aim of Application building should be to bring benefit to customers. If there is no benefit then the Application will not be used. Mobile App User, Another important thing is to make it an easy learning Application. It should not take long time to understand the working of Application Before launching an Application one needs to think like a user and try making it simpler with minimum requirements.

Once the application is installed, customer expects that it will start solving the problem instantly. Hence, create it in such a way that effectiveness of application is seen by the customer and he is hooked to it. Also, keep in mind that graphical interface is the main point of contact between the user and Application. Hence, design of mobile application should be easy, fast with zero room for confusion. In the end, let us pin down the important points that should be followed for higher and better mobile Application engagement:

1. Design
2. Push notification
3. Demo-mode
4. Gamifaction
5. Feedback and contacts

Lets not forget expectations from any Application varies from user to user. However, there is no specific way to increase the Application engagement. Application features, promo codes and gifts are few ways to make the customer return to Application in this highly competitive atmosphere. The only key is to understand your audience, requirement, needs and solution.