Doordash App: Doordash is a San Francisco-based technology business founded in 2013 by a group of Stanford University students. It links customers with a range of participating restaurants in their neighborhood. The company is present in over 4,000 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Their smartphone application supports pick-up and delivery, allowing you to either collect your order straight from the restaurant or deliver it to your house. Ergonomics defines user Experience as a person's perceptions and reactions as a consequence of using or anticipating using a product, system, or service. User Experience is a vast term that encompasses everything that a user encounters when interacting with a product, system, service, or brand. That is why every entrepreneur interested in building the next great thing pays close attention to the nuances of the user experience. This time, our product design team used design thinking to reimagine one of the most popular applications on the market, Doordash. The objective was to enhance the user experience while simultaneously eliminating current drop-off points.

A Quick Guide to Doordash App

Doordash is a meal ordering and delivery website that allows users to order and pay for food online. It has a market share of over 56 percent and is one of the most significant meal delivery businesses in the United States. The platform provides services to 450,000 businesses, 20 million customers, and one million deliverers (December 31, 2020). Customer, Merchant, and Dasher are the three user categories of Doordash. The term "customer" refers to users who place online food orders. The merchants are the restaurants with whom the merchants have associated. Dashers are the drivers in charge of delivering orders. Doordash app android has over 310,000 menus in 4,000+ cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia. By 2020, the Food & Drink category will have reached 400 million app downloads. Doordash, followed by Ubereats, was the most downloaded app. Doordash's client app was downloaded more than 2 million times from app stores in May 2021. Objective Redesign Doordash app to reduce the time required to place a meal order by removing drop-offs from the user experience. Enhance the user experience via the use of simple, clutter-free, and cutting-edge design. Create an intuitive design that captivates consumers. Additionally, it should strengthen the core by including components like colors, font, and design elements that revolve around it. Now, let go through the design elements of the activity. Its mission is to rethink the meaning of consumer goods and the experience associated with them.

The Restaurant's Location For You Doordash application

Users expressed a desire to see a restaurant's address before placing an order. While clicking on "Pickup" reveals the address for restaurants that do not provide pickup, there is no address given for restaurants that do not offer pickup. Additionally, users may be unaware that clicking on the red-highlighted address opens the location in their default map app.

Recognize Your Target Audience - Doordash App

The mission statement of DoorDash is to "provide good by connecting people with opportunity." The technology business aims to improve people's lives by giving them back time and providing them with various options. CEO Tony Xu characterized the company's primary target demographic as young families with both parents working full-time in an interview with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Matrix of Comparison

  • A feature comparison matrix was used to conduct the competitive analysis. The following are the main findings:
  • DoorDash, in contrast to its rivals, does not provide a rewards program.
  • DoorDash offers a restricted number of filtering choices.
  • Uber Eats is the only meal delivery service that has a Favorites option.
  • Grubhub is the superior service that enables you to see the address of a restaurant before placing an order.

Design Process 

Design Thinking is an approach to problem-solving that is focused on the human being. Following the design thinking method, there are five steps to solving any problem: Empathize: Gain an understanding of the persona, their emotions, and their requirements. Define: Clearly define the problem statement that must be addressed and the related difficulties. Ideate: Produce ideas, identify possible matches, and devise solutions to the issue. Prototyping: Transform concepts into basic, testable prototypes, thus establishing Minimum Viable Products. Test: Put the app through its paces with actual users and get their comments.


1st Opportunity: A Win-win Situation.

Since the airport food delivery option meets their requirements, DoorDash customers and eateries may become more committed to the company. From an airport's viewpoint, the meal delivery service enhances the consumer experience at the airport. Additionally, airports may increase income from airport eateries. From the airport employees' perspective, they may receive their meals without waiting in line and perhaps earn additional money as a Dasher. It would be an excellent partnership for both DoorDash and airports.

2nd Opportunity: Additional Lucrative Market 

Domestic planes carried 776 million passengers in 2018, according to the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics. According to I-94 arrival statistics from the United States National Travel and Tourism Office, over 77 million foreign visitors visited the United States in 2017. If just 1% of all travelers utilize GateDash's airport meal delivery service, almost 8.5 million people would be served. This is an incredible quantity of traffic. Additionally, United States airlines do not offer complimentary meals on domestic flights. The majority of airline meals are either prohibitively costly or unappealing. GateDash's service may revolutionize the way passengers get fast meals on flights.

3rd Opportunity: International Expansion Of The Company

Given that the United States receives roughly 77 million foreign visitors each year, the airport meal delivery service would be an ideal platform for marketing the DoorDash app and expanding the food delivery company to other nations. According to I-94 arrival statistics, the top five foreign tourists are from Canada (27.6% of all visitors), Mexico (24.7%), the United Kingdom (5.1%), Japan (4.6%), and China (4.6%). (4.1 percent). Conclusion At Yugasa, we apply the Design Thinking process to the development of software applications' user experiences. We look beyond transactions and design user experiences through this human-centered approach that enables companies to develop meaningful, long-term connections with their consumers. Yugasa has an important role in the design thinking process for the Doordash app. To know more visit Yugasa official website Read More: Top 10 mobile app development companies in Delhi NCR