E-learning Mobile Apps: Technology is getting changed every day as a new generation has new needs. Whether it's the change in the environment of banking, health sector, etc. 

This results in the invention of mobile phones which is now in the hands of every citizen of the world and thereby increasing the market of mobile apps.

Mobile phones are now transforming the education industry at a quick rate, knocking out of the market the offline form of education.

Stats related to training industries on mobile applications will permanently dominate the education sector.

Investing in educational mobile app startups is always going to give you a profit.

Let's see the real statistics of e-learning mobile apps  - E-learning Mobile App

  • Data on smartphone apps relevant to the education sector will be permanently dominant in the education field.
  • About 50-60 percent of educational applications are in the app store and play store, and these figures will only increase every day.
  • Investing in educational mobile app startups is always going to give you a profit.
  • Starting up an e-learning company is one of the best choices in the coming years.

You can just sit back at home and learn different things as mobile apps make it simple and enjoyable.

What are the Benefits of e-learning mobile apps?

What are the Types, Features, and Benefits of E-learning mobile apps

1. Any time education

Education is easy to access and is accessible 24/7 with mobile devices. There are a lot of workbook videos online with just one smartphone device. Now, without offline education, one can easily get a professional life.

2. Low-cost learning

Quality education is for those who spend a lot of money. So what about the others?

But e-learning mobile solutions have filled the void so that everyone gets the same or more education at a lower rate...

3. Unlimited Learning

You can now try technical careers or develop your skills in any area you love because of the limitless learning features of the e-learn Library of Information.

4. Easy Engagement 

Interactive video made it easy for students to ask questions and get instant answers and give ratings about the video. Now companies are hiring the best-experienced teachers who can teach e-learners in a fun way.

5. Total Satisfaction

Parents are now satisfied that children are using mobile phones for education instead of just playing games or watching funny videos. Students will review the specifics of the course, Certifications, and Worksheets in mobile apps.

They work to improve their skills, gain more knowledge, increase their motivation, and increase their level of confidence.

These online e-learning applications have made it easy for e-learning software companies to develop custom e-learning solutions covering businesses and projects.

You can also get the entire case study for your online e-learning idea and even telling how it can improve tutoring needs from Yugasa Software Labs.

What are the Types of customized e-learning solution for your business?

1. Easy enrollment applications

Now you can conveniently apply for admission in a particular course at your convenience.

2. Online Fee payment applications

Safe, cashless and fast payments through a variety of gateways

3. Easy study materials for managing applications

Taking any study material in your backpack makes it much more difficult to remove it. So, just take everything in the apps.

4. Grandma's storytelling apps

Beautiful video with attractive graphics to make your kids sleep at night.

5. Friendly ERP

Now one can comfortably handle enrollment, graduation, and the work of their schools and universities.

6. Interesting riddles, puzzles, and questionnaire application

Sharpening your problem skills and enhancing your analytical ability is pretty simple with the latest puzzles, puzzles, etc. With the choice to display the solution.

Now you have decided which e-learning mobile app is for you … So it's time to work on the features of your e-learning platform.

What are the Features of an e-learning platform?

What are the Types, Features, and Benefits of E-learning mobile apps

1. Creative learning

The video will be interactive with entertaining graphics and study materials in order to engage the viewer in a funny way.

2. Scalable

As changes occur, whether in ideas or technology, so your business needs to be able to adapt to these changes.

3. Push up notification

Notifying students on their mobile screen for the latest updates,

Course start time and completion, etc. It's on their mobile phone.

4. Designed Based learning

As everyone has different dimensions so a student can easily access and use the e-learning app without any problem.

5. Short content

We can't just view all of Wikipedia's content, because that's just going to get the students.

And as an e-learning trainer, you create some interesting short material that leaves no peculiar details.

6. Offline content support

Often the internet can not be available to view videos or content, so uploading must be there to never stop learning.

7. Question time

Once the video is done, there will be a query period for students in your mobile apps to check their comprehension capability.

8. Total thinking

After completion of the course, various types of questions should be submitted to each side with answers after submission.

9. Learn with games 

Games are always exciting and interesting so that learning-based games will get more students to start learning online.

10. Live sessions

Live sessions can be introduced as a new feature in e-learning apps where students can ask questions, accept new items, etc. with their classmates and teachers.


So we've addressed all about how e-learning mobile applications are innovating in the education field and how businesses are implementing various e-learning solutions for the benefit of their business.

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