Android Enterprise: Everybody knows what Android is! It is the world's most popularly used mobile Operating system to put it in the simplest of the definitions possible. Now, we have another feature from this popular product of Google called the Android Enterprise. Are you looking for an easy way to manage your business? Then do read further to know one of the most effective ways of doing so.

Android Enterprise is the certainly the most popular mobile platform built for business. It is secure, easily manageable and most importantly ready for work.

Android Enterprise - Why Android for business?

what is android enterprise
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It is very important to understand why should you use Android for business. The answer is very simple. Android powers a mobile, connected workforce, with multiple layers of security, comprehensive management and a range of devices to fit any job.

Android comes with the best of features

Android enterprise is a recommended Google led program. So the quality of the program is certainly very high and every practice and business requirements offered by Android enterprise is put to rigorous tests before it is out for consumers. This makes it easy to deploy it in your business.

Built in enterprise security - Android Enterprise

Everything you use for your business with Android enterprise, i.e. your devices, data and apps, are all safe through android sandboxing, exploit mitigation and device encryption. "Google Play Protect" performs continuous scans to ensure your device is safe and also keeps learning to be able to provide you with the most updated services possible. The management APIs offered enable you to be able to enforce policy control for all of your devices.

Comprehensive and innovative management

With android, it becomes very easy to manage all the devices used by your company.With a single management solution for the corporate and employee owned devices, the business will have easy control over the data and the apps.

Android for all

Android can be used for any kind of a simple smart-phones or for tablets that are required to perform customised products. An Android device is used for all kinds of businesses be it restaurants, financial services, governments, retails or more.

Android enterprise is gaining popularity and can be deployed for whatever kind of business that you have so that your business can be effectively managed with ease.

AE offers some new out of the box features as listed below

  • When a configuration is pushed, all AE devices will execute the relevant requests
    thus leading to a better EMM experience.
  • Zero-touch enrollment for Android 8.0 and above.
  • App configs is a way of deploying corporate settings to work-managed applications
  • A well managed portal hosting application store for work devices containing only
    specifically approved applications.
  • Mandated device encryption
  • Silent installation of applications without any need for a user-provided Google
    account on the device

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