Android P - Beta: Software industry is an ocean! The deeper you go, the more wonders you find. The Android Oreo that was launched on the 21st of August 2017 is now all set to be upgraded to Android P. Within a short span of within a year, newer, improved version is ready for the clients. Android P, the Beta Version was released on the 8th of May 2018. It puts Artificial Intelligence at the core and focuses on intelligence and experiences. You will know more about the features of the Android P - Beta in this article.

For developers, Android P ensures that they can use it to increase the engagement with the apps. You can get this Beta Versions on most of the smartphone brands to take a tour of the new features. To get started with developing with Android P - Beta you can visit

what is hidden for android p beta
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Machine learning at the core - Android P - Beta

Yes. The latest Android P - Beta has started using machine learning at its core. This makes your smartphone smarter. It will be able to learn from the user and adapt to it. Apps can make use of this technology to ensure it reaches more people and thus making it more popular.

Adaptive Battery

Without question, the first thing every buyer of a smartphone will check is for the battery quality. With Android P - Beta the usage of the battery can be prioritized with the use of machine learning and hence the user can easily use alls his favorite apps.

Android P - Beta - App actions

As developers we intend to make sure an app has multiple features that can help the users. But many a times it so happens that the users do not even know what all features an app offers! But this will no longer be the case with the introduction of App Actions in the new Android P - Beta. App actions help to put the core features of the app in front of the user as suggestions to handle the app.


Along with App actions, Android P - Beta comes with Slices, a new way for the apps to provide remote content to users. Slices are interactive with support for various activities like actions, toggles, sliders, etc.Slices are great new ways to engage users and are available as broadly as possible.

Smart reply on notifications

The smart reply feature is already available in Gmail. A similar smart replies to notifications can be performed with the help of the machine learning technology.


The new Android P - Beta has also ensured that Android’s UI is simpler and understandable by maximum number of people. In this regard, the developers can now change the way the users find, use and manage the apps.

New system navigation

It is very important to navigate between the different screens of the mobile. With this aim in mind, Android P - Beta offers easier access to home, overview and assistant from every screen. This makes multitasking faster and makes discovering of related apps much easier.

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