Android 11 Features: As android is already living its life in most of the smartphones. All the android users love android and always wait for the new OS update to roll out.

Now everyone is using android 10 with lots of unique features, improved security but the new android version is required to suit the new era.

It's better than Android 10, but Android 11 is still in the beta phase so that various users can test it before making an official release to Android smartphones.

Just with the announcement of the beta release of Android 11, it's users, developers, everyone is excited about the new update.

So let us peek into the features of android 11

Android 11 most interesting features are - Android 11 Features

  • Messaging bubbles
  • One-Time permission
  • Screen Recorder
  • For all Screen types
  • 5G preparations

Now let’s dive into some details;

Messaging bubbles

Messaging on Android with a new interface similar to Facebook messenger, it's the chat bubbles.

  • Tap on the chat bubbles to reveal the chat screen.
  • Notification shade helping in real-time conversation.
  • Not only messages one can send  GIFs, images, anything as a reply.
  • Mark the particular conversation as a priority so that you receive notification even if the phone is on Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Dismiss the bubble by dragging onto the X icon

One-Time permission

Android started with a lack of security but now the android team is working on it seriously and released one of the best feature one-time permissions.

Previously users have to permit for the first time and the permission stays forever till the deletion of the app

But in android 11 the permission will be given at the start of the app and will be revoked after closing the app.

Screen Recorder - Android 11 Features

If you want to record something using an Android device, you need to download third-party device recorders, but Android has made this as a feature in the new OS.

Although the screen recording was released in Android 10, it was disabled due to improper operation.

It's back in Android 11 now.

  • Select one of the audio options:
  • Microphone, audio device, or both a microphone and an audio device.
  • A notification on the status bar will show that the video is being recorded.
  • Stop the recording by tapping on the priority notification
  • Then share with your audience

For all screen size

Android is already available for different screen types but there is a new rising market that is of different screen sizes and resolution of foldable devices.

So Google has pushed its boundary to work on the folding environment with the art of android 11.

Recording Video? Mute Notifications!

WhatsApp, Facebook notifications, etc. It disturbs you, while you're recording a video,  then with Android 11, you can mute them with just one tap.

iPhone like screenshot 

Previously whenever you take screenshots it appears as a notification on the status bar.

But now just like an iPhone screenshot comes at the bottom with a small X to delete, share and edit options.

Increased sensitivity

If you're using screen protectors or gloves then it's difficult to swipe up and down etc. as the screen can't read your inputs.

So how about increasing sensitivity features in android 11.

Dismiss persistent notifications

Swiping notifications are always there but those persistent notifications can't be swiped even if you use your fingers tightly.

But now Google lets the users swipe any notification with ease and can be brought back if accidentally removed.

Airplane mode doesn't kill Bluetooth 

One of the best features for Bluetooth headphone users.

And when you turn on your airplane modes in a flight, your music stops.

In android 11 stays on even if the phone is on Airplane mode.

5G preparations

As a result of this coronavirus pandemic, 5G will be launched soon with the start of 2021 to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet.

Google has therefore introduced an API in the OS11 called "Dynamic metered API" which will detect the best speed near you to provide the best audio and video quality, downloading, uploading speed, etc. for smooth processing.

How android 11 will change the functionality of the android app?

Android 11 brings everything relevant to the app, whether for its actions, data security, etc., bringing a big change to the device environment.

1. Stop asking permission

Now, whenever the user denies the android permission twice the app will not be allowed to ask again.

Although you can still give permission using the app's setting.

2. Privatize usage app Stats

No data sharing as apps usage stats will be stored encrypted would not be shared with the app or the system.

Only possible if:

  • Users unlock device first-time system startup
  • Users switch to accounts

 3. Low data redundancy

The case related to machine learning, etc., that involve the same data as that needed by other applications.

To build new data let the most used data cache solves the issue of big data stored again and again when focusing on data redundancy.

4. Clear reports of App crashing

Often the app crashes when opening or using the app, we don't know why?

But Android 11 added a new feature that offers the key explanation for the device crash or shutdown.

5. Incremental APK installation

Whether you have made the changes or downloaded a big app, installing always takes time.

Android 11 brings out the feature of incremental app installation which accelerates the installing of android apps.

 6. Full support for neural network apps

Ai is blooming in the tech industry if your application is based on machine learning and neural networks then also your app will run smoothly on every device because of new Neural Networks API 1.3

7. Benefits with 5G

Bringing the 5G technology applications would now benefit from the best streaming, transfer of data, i.e. high-end user experience.


Develop your apps or make them ready for Android 11

Android 11 is still in test mode, so businesses need to start creating applications for the new update so that they don't miss out on the market.

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