WhatsApp 225 million euros for data privacy: At the end of the last year, the Irish regulators have 14 major inquiries on Whatsapp and Instagram which are the subsidiaries of Facebook. On this, the spokesperson of Whatsapp has made a statement that the question which is raised is creating an issue which is related to policies that were brought forward in 2018. Now the government of Ireland has hit Facebook Inc. subsidiary Whatsapp with the penalty of 225 million euros which is about 266 million US dollars very recently with the inquiry of the messaging application and making the transparency of the user data after promising to deliver end-to-end encryption to the user and sharing all the personal data to all the companies which are owned by Facebook or its partners. On the imposed fine Whatsapp has stated that the fine is not appropriate and they would appeal to the government or other higher authorities to look into this matter. The Data Privacy Commissioner of Ireland which is one among the lead data privacy regulator for Facebook Inc. within the European Union. WhatsApp 225 million euros for data privacy, On this, the European Union has stated that the issue is related if Whatsapp has an agreement with the rules of the European Union regarding data privacy and its transparency. The Irish regulator on this issue has stated that it includes the information that has to be provided to the data subjects regarding the processing of the piece of information in between the Facebook Inc. owned Whatsapp and other companies related to Facebook. Whatsapp spokesperson has made a statement it was mentioned the application is committed to its policy which is to provide secure and private services to its users along with this the company has stated that they have worked so hard for ensuring its users with their information and they provide the transparency and comprehensive of their data and will going continue to do so. On this, the Data Privacy Commissioner of Ireland has taken a spontaneous lead on the data privacy performed by Facebook Inc. because the company is having its regional headquarters in Dublin. In the beginning, DPC was criticized because of not penalizing the tech giants for the data breaches. Read More: WHY WHATSAPP HAS BANNED MILLIONS OF ACCOUNTS IN INDIA