WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp has been slowly rolling out a bunch of new features, and the latest one is sure to make group chat users happy. In WhatsApp's latest update, you'll be able to join an ongoing group video call directly from the group chat tab. The feature was first introduced in July this year and now it has brought several improvements with its integration into WhatsApp groups. Among those changes are that notifications for incoming calls will also show up on your phone if you're currently using another app or chatting with someone else in a different chat window. Now a user can join an ongoing WhatsApp group call right from the chat window. As you will open the app, all upcoming WhatsApp videos and voice calls will be visible in your chats, which you can easily spot and join. "We are making it easier to connect spontaneously with your groups. Join ongoing calls with your groups anytime, effortlessly, and directly from the chat view with one click," the Facebook-owned company said. Once a group call is initiated by someone, all members can either join in immediately or at their leisure. Within the group chat, the latter will notice a separate tab with a Join button, which they can tap to join the call. WhatsApp New Feature, According to WhatsApp, instead of the names of the participants, the call notification will say the name of the group. It should be noted only people who are part of such WhatsApp groups can join an ongoing group call. WhatsApp says the calls will now also receive a lighter distinct ringtone to make it feel as “light as sending and receiving a message”. The feature is still rolling out, so you might not see it in your WhatsApp immediately even if you're on Android or iOS beta versions. The update was rolled out in the latest version on Google Play and is expected to be available for iOS, Windows Phone, and other platforms soon. Read More: WHATSAPP PARTNERS WITH RURAL BANKS TO ACCELERATE DIGITAL BANKING ADOPTION