WhatsApp Vacation Mode: WhatsApp is working on several cool features and every now and then we get to see the previews of them. As mentioned in the latest Android beta update, WhatsApp has brought back its iconic Vacation mode feature. Along with this, the Messaging app is also exploring other features like the auto-archive chats. Both features are still under development, and the WhatsApp will officially roll them out only when it is bug-free.

As per Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has started working on the feature again after stowing the vacation mode a couple of weeks ago.

“WhatsApp has decided to implement the WhatsApp Vacation Mode again, under a new form! There will be a new dedicated section for the Vacation Mode, that allows choosing different parameters. When the new feature will be enabled, Archived chats will be moved to the top of your chats list,” the report by the WhatsApp features tracker read.

The vacation mode feature that WhatsApp appears to be working on for more than a year now will allow users to mute archived chat notifications. In the latest update, though, it was found that WhatsApp would provide users with two ways to deal with their archived chats.

Option Alert New Messages and Mask Auto Inactive Chats. If activated, the first option would let users know about the deleted chats messages, but if the second option is activated, WhatsApp would cover unused chats for six months.

WhatsApp actually lets users archive chats but it appears at the top of the chat window if there's a message from any of the archived chats.

If the new feature gets implemented users won't get any update from the old chats, however. WhatsApp had stopped working on this feature in August earlier but now hopefully it will make the feature available to all users.

Besides that, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a feature that would allow users to permanently mute their groups. WhatsApp also plans to delete the one-year option with the option forever. That means you'll never get any updates from that group if you've muted a party. The upcoming feature would save users from troublesome WhatsApp groups who simply refuse to slow down.