WhatsApp Updates New Design: WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Facebook, now Meta has just rolled out new features for beta testers that haven't received them in previous updates. These features include a new Contact Info UI, Default Message Timer options of 24 hours and 90 days, multi-device changes. WhatsApp also introduced disappearing messages last year. The feature allows users to send messages that disappear after a certain period of time with the beta update introducing an option for messages to disappear after 24 hours or 90 days. WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp, took to micro-blogging site Twitter and wrote: "A People that didn't receive some features like the new contact info UI or multi-device changes, don't worry: more activations will be rolled out soon. WhatsApp has just started to release those features for more beta testers today." As per the report, the new beta update brings in a new user interface (UI) for the contact information section. With the prior update, the new layout was already evident to a few beta testers. The document also claims that with the current beta version, some users may be given access to the new user interface for Group Info as well. WaBetaInfo had first reported about the new group info UI some time ago. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is said to be working on extending the 'delete for everyone' limit. The 'delete for everyone' functionality was released in 2017 with a time restriction of seven seconds that was increased to 4096 seconds in 2018. WhatsApp Updates New Design, The WABetaInfo team discovered that the "delete for everyone" function's time limit may be increased to an infinite amount of time. Even a screenshot was published showing that a message from three months previous was still eligible to be deleted for both individuals. Read More: WHATSAPP’S NEW FEATURE ALLOWS YOU TO JOIN ONGOING CALLS DIRECTLY FROM GROUP CHATS