With the latest technologies being developed everyday, companies in the support sectors look at the best possible ways to replace the human labor. Is Chatbot one such option for the support services? How efficient are these Chatbots? Do they have the potential to replace humans in the support sector ? This article tries to give a clear picture of all these doubts. Let us discuss all the possible pros and cons of using chatbots.

Limitation of Alternative Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence though has come a long way since its invention in the late 90s, it has not been able to match the potential of human beings. There are many sectors where AI needs to become better to be considered an option to replace human beings. For example, AI needs a lot of data to be stored into it before it can actually start performing to show any result.


Chatbots are pre-programmed to perform all the functions that they do. It is impossible for a chatbot to answer an unexpected question from a client and this can be a really awkward situation for both the client and the support solutions company.


Building machines, especially to duplicate the things that a human does comes with a huge investment. And the cost of repairs in case of any backfires is always high. So on the longer run, employing humans in the support sector is still the most economical option.


How much ever programming we do, at the end of the day the chatbot is a machine. All answers given by it will always be repetitive. Moreover, a chatbot can not handle a client who is sarcastic as training a chat bot to understand sarcastic conversations does not seem to be on priority for technocrats for a very long time.


This is one of the biggest advantages of using Chatbots in the support industry. Chatbots can be made available 24*7 as they don't get tired like humans. This means that you are able to provide more service to your clients and increase the client satisfaction. This helps in retaining the clients for a longer time.

Peak business hours:

There is always that time in a business when you are always short of hands. Employing chatbots in such situations will enable businesses to handle larger loads within the available time.

Aid to humans:

Chatbots can be used to help the human resources in the support sector with answering basic queries and whenever a question from out of the box comes up, it can be redirected to human employees. This reduces the boredom in the job for human employees and increases the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Data recollection:

This would be something where humans can ever compete with the chatbots. Chatbots are always connected to the database and can recall the data at great speeds which would never be the case with human employees.

Data Analytics:

Since the chatbots are connected to the database always, they can also be programmed to organize the data automatically from time to time. This saves a lot of time while reviewing the activities and moving forward with some kind of upgradation for the system. I personally think that this new technology has all important reasons to be used for support purpose in any business domain and let humans do more productive and innovative work. Some professionals look at it as a loss of jobs for humans soon, but such an argument had always creeped in after every new invention. But it has always been discovered finally that the newer technologies made lives of humans easier and productive. We at Yugasa has a Chatbot ready to be integrated in your website or mobile app. Do not let your leads or prospects to drop off just because your support member was not available during the time of prospects’ queries. Feel free to reach us for this ready to use solution at contact@yugasa.com