Woocommerce online store: Running your business online already through a woocommerce online store? That’s a great news! It gives you a lot of benefits like WooCommerce is a cost effective platform, you can update it from anywhere, it is search engine optimization ready, and so on. Having said that, it is always important to consider building a mobile app for your business at any point when you have decided to go digital for your business. This article helps you decide as to why you have to build a mobile app for your business.

Increase visibility - Woocommerce online store

woocommerce online store need mobile app
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There is no doubt that almost everybody uses a smartphone today. According to a study 8/10 adults in the world use smartphones. They spend on an average 15 hours with their phone. When this is the situation, it only makes sense to ensure that your business is in a place that is often used by people. The easiest way to get a bigger clientele is to build a powerful mobile app for your business.

Ease of marketing

Marketing becomes simpler with mobile apps. You can directly interact with your clients through your mobile app and try and understand their needs so that you can build a very good app for them. This also ensure customer retention and client satisfaction.

Woocommerce online store - Use your app to draw clients to you business physically

You can also use mobile app to get business to your physical store if you have one. You can start a loyalty program through which users can obtain points for every purchase and then they can use these points to buy things from your store by physically visiting it whenever they can. You can also put a validity on it so that you can ensure the interest doesn't die out.

Build brand recognition

You can create or make your brand stronger by using your mobile app. The app can be designed in such a way that it attracts clients on a regular basis. This makes the traffic inflow to your app huge, thus increasing your brand name. More and more people will know about your app and in turn about your business.

Increase customer engagement

Being available to the customer whenever they require us is a key to a successful business. But in reality this a very big challenge as it is practically impossible to be available for the client. However, you can ensure that your client gets good response by making them use an app for your business for any clarifications they need or for any of their feedbacks. This builds a trust in the client’s mind that you are always available no matter what.

Stand out from the crowd

If you are thinking of a mobile app for business, now is the time! As now mobile apps are still not a common thing for all businesses to have. So it certainly adds a lot of value for your business and makes your business stand out from the rest of the lot in the market.

Hence, if you have already stepped into the digital world of technology by making a woocommerce online store for your company, it is totally advisable and a very economical addition to have a mobile app for your business. Make no mistake, get your mobile app designed and running  today!


You can reach us at contact@yugasa.com for discussing your mCommerce mobile app project with us. Our ready to use product can be customized for your store with in no time and we can connect the app to your WooCommerce Store to let your app and website sync regularly for all the inventory, orders and client data.