Android app development trends: Android platform is a love for business owners who are looking to build a mobile platform and grow their business. Choosing an android app development solution provides your product a great reach as more than 1.6 billion users are using Android apps globally. Android phones encompass 85% of the world market. In addition, Google Play Store has over 3 million Android apps ranging from social media to gaming apps.  The Android platform lets developers integrate innovative technologies into Android apps to make them more effective. In addition, Android apps promote a better user experience which keeps them trending.  With its ever-increasing popularity, Android app development is evolving at the rate of a tie. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep up with the recent trends of android development. 

Top 5 best trends for Android app development in 2023

Trend #1 - Android Instant apps

Thinking you have somewhere heard about this app? Yes, you are right! Instant apps are not a new concept but are gaining more popularity. These apps have special functionality that allows users to try apps or games without installing them on their devices. With these apps, users don’t want to download the app and they can use use the web without them instantly.  These apps are the best way to help the needs of eCommerce brands as they don’t take extra space on the user’s mobile and remove the disturbance. 

Trend #2 - Voice recognition

Voice search has achieved huge popularity in the last year, and it’s predicted that in the coming years 30% of browsing will take place through this tech trend. It has truly transformed the retail face, customer support. This technology has been used to facilitate a connection between users and devices for practical services. The current and coming years will certainly be of VUI and this trend won’t be ignored by mobile app developers. 

Trend #3 - Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers decentralized mobile app development services that boost transparency. This trend reduces unofficial access and uses strong security protocols. It is a perfect android app development trend for financial industries such as banks. According to a PWC survey, 84% of global companies are actively leveraging blockchain technology. In addition, it also reduces data loss and deploys data for better performance. Android apps integrated with blockchain technology are more secure and safer for data encryption. 

Trend #4 - ML & AI - Android app development trends

As cloud computing has brought a huge amount of computing strength for every company, building Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models that augment regular processes or perform tasks became easier. Accenture reports modern AI accessible can increase productivity by up to 40%.  The versatility of services is both the strength and weakness of AI & ML development. You can use them for automating several tasks, integrating image recognition, natural language processing, or data analytics. 

Trend #5 - Chatbots/Google Assistant

Many business owners find an interest in incorporating the serves of their apps with the Google Assistant in 2021. The main benefit of using this trend is that you can offer quicker ways for users to apply mobile apps straight in the Assistant. With the app, you can deep-link to specific functions within your app from Google Assistant.  It has Android Slices that enable developers to represent the most important content from your apps to Assistant users. As the number of Google Assistant users is enhancing, mobile app integration with virtual support will become the main target among various development terms. 

Trend #6 - Beacon Technology

Many entrepreneurs use Beacon technology as it helps them target promising clients. Beacons transmit gadgets that can connect with mobile devices. They help businesses send notifications and special offers. That’s why Beacon-enabled android apps are becoming more popular among shops and restaurants.  Every year comes with new ideas and trends showing changes. Looking at these aforesaid 6 android app development trends, we can say that the OS is moving unpredictably towards a seamless experience targeted to offer on client demands. The above-mentioned trends will certainly help your business grow its ROI. If you are looking for a mobile app development company for android app, get in touch with Yugasa

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